Where & What is Shikoku ?!

Shikoku is the name of region and the smallest main islands of Japan. And we believe it is colorful, unique and rich in culture. Find out why.

Art Oriented Culture of our Location


We are located in Kagawa prefecture of Japan. It is the base of the worldknown art event:“Setouchi Art Festival”. The festival is one of the recent art events.

However, Kagawa always has had a culture of admiring and valuing creativity. It is famous for world known artist Isamu Noguchi having picked Kagawa as his base from 1956 for nearly 20 years.

Being born and raised in Kagawa is like growing up in a giant art museum. Because its environment of inspiring views of natural scenery, and buildings by famous architects are in our sight constantly. Not to mention easy access to a number of art museums.

Color of Shikoku

Setouchi islands, Shikoku island and “Setouchi Art Festival” are in the region where we are.

Shikoku is one of 4 main islands of Japan. It has an area of 18,000 sq.km (7,258 sq.mi.). Although it is the smallest main island, it has the highest mountain of Western Japan, the calm Seto inland sea with its many tiny islands known as the “Setouchi islands” to the north, the dynamic Pacific ocean to the south, and 4 prefectures which each have distinctive cultures.

We find this island quite “colorful”, scenery-wise, culture-wise, crops-wise, even climate-wise and not to mention having a variety of traditions. We mainly curate products which are produced by small producers, artists or traditional craftsmen that we can proudly introduce to the world as “Colors of SHIKOKU”.