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Behind the scenes – その時、舞台裏では…

KoLe’s first design show on Instagram. “Promotion by Interns” is now on. This is a brochure for you to enjoy the pieces more.

First Half Over! 前半終了!

After our internship started, I started noticing that something was oddly going the way I totally didn’t expect but I could not point a finger on it just quite… till today.

Last daily blog before BREAKKKKKKKK- おやすみぃぃぃぃぃの前、最後のブログ

Time flies so fast that the first half of our internship is coming to an end! I still remember how I was so tired during the first couple of days with the online internship training with the internship coordinator… And to be honest, after all the hard moment in 2020, I came to this internship with absolutely no expectation…

研修の第15日目‐インターンシップの前半最後の日 Internship Day 15-The last day of first half of the internship

Today was the last day of the first half of our internship, in the twinkling of an eye. Everyday, I write daily blog but it felt faster than actual.

研修の第14日目‐今日は一人しかいなかった!Internship Day 14 – it was only me, today!

Usually, my shift is just in the morning, but today, I had to go to the school, so my shift was moved to afternoon. The first it was a bit tough, but, because I was alone, my concentration went up.

One more day till BREAKKKKKKKK 休暇まであと1日ぃぃぃいいい!

My life is going pretty well these days as I feel relaxed and happy (not necessary productive). I feel like I can control my life again in terms of scheduling and even financial management, as I do not…

研修の第13日目‐振り返る Internship Day 13 – reviewing

The first half of our internship is finishing soon, so, we reviewed what we did for the first half with our instructor Satoko-san.

Last Monday before BREAKKKKKKKK-オヤスミィィィ前、最後の月曜日

I would like to talk about time management and learning capability today.

3rd week over – I have a confession to make – 実は、告白することがあります…

Third week is over. One phase finished means next is coming. Before we move on to the next phase of our internship, I have a few confessions to make…

Let’s talk about FOODIE FRIDAY!-グルメの金曜日について話そう!

We, by that I mean our co-interns, began the day at our co-working office with talking about having a…