Wonderful news! Everyone! Now you can visit a shop to view the products of Takashi Morimoto the our partner artisan! It is called “TASUKI international”. And this is one of dream come true story of a working & creative female.

Learn about Takashi, read this article by clicking/tapping here…

A dream of his muse came true

Takashi the Kagawa Kude-Shouji certified traditional craft artisan has the wife who has been his muse to keep creating something beyond what he was trained to make. Her name is Rie.

Rie used to be an apparel designer. She has been warming up an idea. The idea is “To open a physical shop sells Takashi’s products and the apparel items go with his product which made by me”.

I have never doubt her dream. She is a kind of person who accomplish what she says she wants to do. But, I never thought the day will come this soon. Hi, I’m Satoko the head curator of KoLe.

Unique but easy to coordinate.
Plus size ladies can wear them confidently and look good.
They goes with Takashi’s items such as wooden bags.

These apparel concepts are very approachable for us being a female for decades and knowing well that we cannot dress like we used to in our 20s. Our body have changed since then, haven’t we?

I am also sure that every one of us have at least more than once of horrifying experiences in fitting rooms; looking at the mirror and our image and its reflection were far apart.

But we do never want to let “looking good and feeling good” go, do we?!

Having just one item from Rie would change our everyday look, I think.

She says she will keep only a few patterns of apparel but she is going to make the same items with different fabrics.

Because of the design is neat and simple but unique, change of fabric make huge difference on its appearances.

Until further notice, Rie offers semi-custom made. You can pick a design from the lack in the shop and bring fabric in then she would make one for you. (Ask her how much fabric will be needed and suitable fabric for it).

However, Rie only speaks Japanese. So if you would need language assistance, KoLe is more than happy to assist. Please contact us, if you would like to know details from Rie. Or when you simply would like to visit there with language assistance.

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