I am proudly announcing the newly listed artisan, Takashi Morimoto. If you are too busy to read all the article, could you spare 1 minute of your time? Here is the very brief introduction video of him we made.

KUDE artisan who creates beyond what he is trained to make.

You will see in this article

  • KUDE?
  • Takashi Morimoto
  • His Muse
  • What’s next


KUDE is the name for a Japanese traditional wood craft in Kagawa prefecture, Japan. The craft is usually called KUMIKO in other part of Japan.

“KUDE SHOUJI” is one of listed Traditional crafts in Kagawa, Japan. It is a type of fixture for traditional Japanese housings.

Takashi Morimoto is the certified Japanese Traditional craftsman ( dentou-kougei-shi). But we only asked him to join us just because he is a fine KUDE and fixture artisan but also because what he creates are way beyond what fixture craftsmen usually make and are beautiful, as well as, the reason why he does it.

Are you not familiar with the craft “KUMIKO” or “KUDE”? This article explains what they are.

Takashi Morimoto & SHU-HA-RI

Takashi Morimoto

Born to the third generation of a KUMIKO fixture company that has been in business since 1946. His childhood memories are of being engrossed in making toys with the chips of wood he would find at the factory. He was apprenticed to the first apprentice of his grandfather, and since then has been active as an artisan carrying on the traditional craft of Kagawa KUDE shouji. He is a Certified Japanese Traditional Craftsman (dentou kougei shi).

KUDE is the skill fixture craftsmen have, usually. Therefore, they are great at making rectangular, square or box shaped items with wood. KUDE or KUMIKO is the world of geometrical patterns and in two dimension.

wood strip KUDE artisans prepare to make KUDE product are the finest part of tree.

However, what Takashi Morimoto creates are literally “out of the box”. As a Japanese fixture craftsman, himself also uses the fine part of tree to avoid the material bends later years and it keeps straight, like any other KUMIKO or KUDE artisans. But what he makes are not always straight or two dimensional. You would be amazed how he creates art pieces or non fixture products without bending wood. Some of his creations are hard to tell those are made by fixture craftsman.

The best reason why I asked him to join us was he creates so many different items but he strictly uses the knowledge and skills as KUDE and fixture artisan. I saw his pride and honor through his work. He produce quite unique items however it is nothing like a fixture craftsman trying sculpture.

This mentality comes from way of thinking he told me “SHU-HA-RI”.


SHU-HA-RI is an expression which refers to three stages of achieving mastery of a skill.

SHU (preserve) – the satage that beginners learn the basics.

HA (break out) – the craftsman begins to express their own individuality.

RI (departure) – the craftsman departs from the familiar environment to expand their field using their skills.

Takashi tells us that he is at “RI and beyond” right now.

Preserving traditional techniques is not about making the same items for centuries. It is about finding fresh ideas and creating objects that fit with today and the future using traditional techniques.

Takashi Morimoto

Also he told us that his creative attitude as “on-ko-zan-shin (温故斬新)”.

His Muse

Apart from ambitiousness, passion and playfulness with his skills to executing perfectly the ideas, I must mention about a lady when I talk about Takashi Morimoto’s creation. That is his wife, Rie.

She is Takashi’s wife and she used to be an apparel designer. She has asking Takashi if he could make some items which she wants to use. Her request has been giving Takashi the total new prospective towards the skill he has and wood.

When I met this couple, I could tell they are working hand in hand for their family business. I even think what Takashi creates well could be a great good luck charm for happy marriage and family business partnership.

Currently, Rie has preparing to start her own apparel line which matches with the items Takashi creates. I am also looking forward to it.

Getting ready to list items by Takashi Morimoto.

We are currently working with Takashi which items to list on KoLe. Once we are ready to show you, we will announce it on the blog!

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    Now, I would like to end this article with quoting what I heard Takashi says which shows his attitude towards his creation and a teaser of one of item we agreed to list.

    As an artisan, it is a shame-full thins to make something that break easily.

    Takashi Morimoto

    Head Curator

    Are you not familiar with the craft “KUMIKO” or “KUDE”? This article explains what they are.