The 20th season of the 24 seasons. SHOUSETSU is the season Japanese people start to get ready the seasonal gifts called “OSEIBO (お歳暮)”. We’ve posted about the gift custom a few posts back. So, if you are interested in it, please check that out, too. 

A Japanese Gift Custom to Enhance Your Business| Impress your client | The Biggest Gift Market in Japan

“OSEIBO(お歳暮)” is probably the most important annual gift custom in Japan, especially for businesses. “OSEIBO” is basically a gift to show the appreciation of relationships during the year. We will tell you about this custom and market size in this article, in the view of “How you can apply this custom to YOUR BUSINESS”…. READ MORE

The characters of “小雪”. “小” = small, “雪” = snow. This is the season for the northern part of Japan and the mountain areas get snow but the snow wouldn’t stick. On the other hand, plain areas get sunny days because of the high pressure because of the winter pressure pattern. The sun heats the land up and we get warm days. We call the weather “小春日和(/koharu-biyori/)”. 

“小春” — “小” = small, “春” = Spring. “日和” = weather condition. This is the word only used during the winter. “KOHARU(小春)” is a nickname for the 10th month in Lunar calendar. It is not the Spring but it is warm like Spring. Also, it is the Kigo of winter, if you are a Haiku poet.

When you visit Japan during this season and you got “KOHARU-BIYORI(小春日和)”, it is the best moment to visit Japanese Garden and try Japanese Tea Ceremony. You will love it!

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