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The short & effective catchphrase written in the 18th century by an inventor from Kagawa, Japan has changed a Japanese custom ever since.

On “The day of OX in DO-YO-U”, a lot of Japanese people eat eels. The idea was introduced by an inventor who just wanted to help an eel restaurant in the Edo period (1603-1868). This is the real story of how great marketing could become one country’s tradition or custom.

TAI-SHO (大暑) [more than 4 seasons]

TAI-SHO is the time to send Summer Gifts. If you have any Japanese client, knowing this might benefit you.

SUMMER DO-YO-U (夏の土用) [more than 4 seasons]

There are 3 things to avoid during DO-YO-U. 1 thing to do on one specific day of SUMMER DO-YO-U. Can you guess what they are?

SHOU-SHO(小暑) [more than 4 seasons]

11th season of “the 24 seasons (二十四節気)”. On this article we introduce you the travel tip for you to have much deeper experience and memory when you travel around this time of the year.

HAN-GE-SHOU (半夏生) [more than 4 seasons]

HAN-GE-SHOU(半夏生) is one period of Japanese original calendar called “ZASSETSU(雑節)”. It starts 11th day of GESHI(夏至) “The 24 seasons(二十四節気)” and lasts for 5 days.
This article tells you that “Food eaten on HAN-GE-SHOU”, “Weather tips to travel this time of the year in Shikoku” and “Trip-tips for travel photo lovers”

GESHI (夏至)10th of “The 24 seasons”

#morethan4seasons | GESHI
GESHI(夏至) is the 10th of “the 24 seasons (二十四節気 /NIJUSHI-SEKKI/)”. In the 24 seasons, one season is about 15 days. GESHI starts on the day of the summer solstice, the day we have the longest hours of daytime. And what you could expect if you visit during this time.

Feel more than 4 seasons in Japan

What would if we tell you there are more than 4 seasons in Japan? Would you agree with “Japan is the country of SAMURAI?” Find out what what we mean.