The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The Japanese shown here is as she wrote. We only added English translation.

It’s cute hair band!

Our mid break was a bit too long I think. It was new year holiday for Japan, but here in Vietnam was ordinarily days, so I went to school and worked.

Finally, today we are back to the internship. Let’s do it!

I could get back the feeling of the first half seeing Satoko-san again. I felt something fresh on first day internship in new year with new tasks started.

Also, this morning, a small happiness was brought. Other intern who is a friend of mine gave me a gift. Ever since, the internship started, I give her a ride on my motorbike to commute together. So, she gave me the gift as a token of appreciation. It is so cute and was something I wanted so I was moved.

And, we are going to have lunch with all interns in the office. I am so looking forward to it. Let’s make a lot of memory.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: The interns of year 2020 are on  “METI Government of JAPAN, Japan Internship Program” . They are taking internship online from the office the internship organizer of this program provides.
編集部より注釈:今年のインターンシップは「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業」への参加で行われています。インターンはこの事業が用意した各国のオフィスからオンラインでインターンシップを受けています。

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comment from the instructor

We are back! After having such a long break (more than 3 weeks) felt too long as Ly-san mentioned. But during the holiday, I enjoyed my break for 6 days at my mother’s to charge my energy to run through 2021.
They will be writing 2 articles and creating 1 Instagram post.
Today was a part of one article. I was interviewed by them. Some of questions Ly-san asked me was sharp and hard to answer but it was really good question.
So, I am looking forward how the article will come up. And, the report on the lunch, too!