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インターンの体験記 JIPのオンラインインターンシップ


Intern’s Experience Note

Intern’s Experience article from Ly the intern from year 2020.

Koleのインターンシッププログラムについて 全部の質問を回答します!


KoLe Internship Program – Answering ALL your questions!

If you are looking for a chance to work with Japanese people or some activities on Marketing, then, KoLe Internship Program could be the best chance. Before you go on the internship, I will answer all your wonders and questions. The following questions must be the same as the questions in your head right now.

最後の日記ブログです! It’s the last daily blog!

Our internship remains another 3days, but this will be the last of our daily blog.

小さなことでも小さな幸せになれる! You can get small happiness with any thing small.

Actually, today what I did was not really work. Today, I was interviewed by Satoko-san and I was asked to think about what projects would I do if I could do internship in Kagawa.

有料広告を作成する第2日目 2nd day to create Advertisement

Today, I finished creating video and text. I am a beginner in design field but I like to be able to create short video with the tools and functions I didn’t know, and told myself “not bad”.

有料広告のタスクがスタット! The Advertisement Task has started!

But, Interesting ^^.

有料広告のタスクのためのリサーチ Research for Advertisement task.

Today, we had a session and consulting to create advertisement. I have never created Instagram Ad post before, but I’ll do my best!

インターンシッププログラムがあと1週間以上だけ残ります! Internship remains one more week!

As our internship gets closer to the end, it happens often that I look back my wish and purpose to join this internship. And …