This article was written as a part of our Internship 2020 by our intern.
The article was originally written in Japanese and we translated into English.
To view original Japanese version click/tap HERE.

If you are looking for a chance to work with Japanese people or some activities on Marketing, then, KoLe Internship Program could be the best chance.

Before you go on the internship, I will answer all your wonders and questions. The following questions must be the same as the questions in your head right now.

I hope it helps!

① Could you explain us about general things of KoLe Internship Program?

+Style of the internship: Online Internship from your home.

+Where: KoLe’s potential market which are Singapore、France、USA( California, New York, etc…)and UK.

+Nationality: People who live in the potential market regally.
(As long as your living there regally in these countries, the nationality does not matter)

+The fields of the internship:

  • Marketing
  • Graphic
  • Video Production
  • Journalism

+Number of interns at a time:  2people at once

+Period of the internship:6 months to 12 months

  • This internship is not paid. But among people who finished their internship, some might be offered the internship in Kagawa.

② What are the requirements?

  • Age: 20~39 / This program is mainly opened for students.
    Other cases are decided by C.V.
  • Gender: it doesn’t matter
  • Internet access and owing a PC of their own.
  • English or Japanese Language
  • Required Language Level:
    Japanese: N2+
    English: TOEIC800+
  • Interests:
    Japanese culture
    To find it is interesting to work with a small company in small town in Japan.
    Having an interest to create something.
    Having an interest to run a business.
  • Skill:
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Premiere
    (Among above, depending on your skills)
  • Microsoft Office
    Word, Excel and Power Point
  • To be able to write articles or reports.
  • Having experience to post on Social Media.

③ How do we get information of the internship? How do we apply?

The latest information will be updated on our website. You can review information on the previous internship on “Internship2020” or our Instagram account.

  • The website of KoLe’s Internship is here!
  • We will announce how to apply when we are looking for new interns on our website. (The application form will be shown on the page)
  • If you register your email address with Kole Internship, you will be informed the latest updates by email. And it will be the easiest and most certain way to get information.

④ How do you proceed the internship?

  • It will be proceed by using Microsoft Teams.
    (You will need Web camera and microphone!) 
  • We will share the documents and schedule using Google Drive or other devises.

⑤ What kind of company are you? Why did you decided to run the internship program?

KoLe is a project and service run by the company called “Pon&Con Kikaku,inc.” . It was found by 2 creators. One is an architecture, and the other is a designer. So, I could say we are good at creating things and the company have more freedom.

But it is a company you must find what you want to do by yourself, otherwise, it will be too hard to keep up with us.

  • If you are looking for our corporate information, you can visit our corporate website.
    >> Our Corporate website
  • The reason why we decided on running our internship is, since KoLe is a business & a service to introduce & export wonderful items we curated from Shikoku, we want to find the people who would & could work with us from our potential market countries. We could take an option to work with existing companies in each countries, but, on KoLe, it is very important that “Why we do provide this service” and “How we think about thing as KoLe” to maintain our brand. So, in order of us to train people to share our vision and philosophy, we think finding “the ones” through our internship could be the way to go.

Also, the final goal for this internship is finding & training a person to take over my position in the future.

⑥ Would the internship this time and next time be different? Are you going to change anything?

–> Yes, it will be different. Because, this year (2020) the internship was too short ( 1 month). I am going to set the term somewhere 6 moths to 12 months.

The contents and activities would be pretty much the same.

⑦ Can the person who joined your internship once could reapply?

–> Yes, you can.

The person who has experienced our internship before will be given new activities/projects in different fields.

⑧ What do you think the interns will gain after finishing your internship?

It differs depending on the fields of your internship, but…

  • You will gain skills and experience in Marketing and/or Designing.
  • You will have a chance to work with Japanese person.
  • You can experience Japanese work logic and ethic through real work environment.

⑨ What would if the intern wants to work for you as a fulltime staff? Can they apply?

At this moment, there are no vacancy.

We could consider to hire the intern as a contractor, depending on the law of the country and Japan and the performance of the intern during the internship.

⑩ A message from the intern who experienced the internship:

Hello, everyone!

I’m Ly, the KoLe intern. I’m a Vietnamese and in the 4 th year of an university.

This year, I joined the internship program run by METI, and assigned to KoLe. It was up to METI that I didn’t know what kind of company or what kind of business I was assigned to at first. Then through the internship with KoLe, meeting our intern instructor Satoko, I noticed how lucky I was to be an intern for KoLe.

It was my first experience working with a Japanese, and Satoko has always guided me, who didn’t have much experience in marketing, with passion and kindness. I appreciate it so much.

The field of the internship was new to me but thanks to the schedule, instructions and system Satoko created, I could proceed the project smoothly.

If you would like to know about Satoko and internship with KoLe, do not miss their internship program! You will have a lot of memories, learning and experience with them!

The daily blog who participated in the internship with KoLe:

You can view it here!

Ly (Internship 2020)