It’s been over 2 years since our last batch of interns completed their internships at KoLe. So many things have happened but one good thing is that we still all try to keep in touch with one another. Besides Ly-san’s latest trip to Japan, Linh-san has recently been featured in the Vietnamese national and most-read newspaper, VNExpress (read more about Linh’s journey and achievement as a creative professional via

Reading about Linh’s journey and achievements via that viral news article, we are in awe seeing how far she has come! Linh started out as an intern with us, producing content on both our social media and website. Ever since she finished her internship with us, Linh has gone way beyond to explore the world of creativity as a professional. She consistently continues to develop her specialty in multimedia production, focusing on producing media from music and animated videos, to augmented reality (AR) and TV as well as managing website development projects.

Even before joining KoLe, Linh had already done many media/video production works and right after completing her internship at KoLe, she ventured into her 2nd music video production project by managing the comeback of Hannah Hoang, a talented Vietnamese artist, in collaboration with Low G, a famous Vietnamese rapper. We are really intrigued by how the music video executes a museum’s creative concept to tell a playful love story and are wowed that it reached more than a million views on YouTube!

We always know how capable Linh is but never stop amazed by her capacity – she could manage the entire music video production and promotion on social media as well!

After “What an Era” MV, Linh spent her time managing various media production projects at Amanotes, the world’s #1 music tech company (Magic Tiles’ parent company). We feel so proud listening to Linh sharing about her time managing multiple animated instructional videos, creative advertising videos, and digital banners for Pianify, a music education app.

We checked in once during Linh’s time in the US and were blown away when we found out that Linh got a chance to work with Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat!!!

We were so happy to see Linh thriving in such a wonderful environment that she totally deserved to be!

We already know about Linh’s stellar research skills during her time with us when she did social media market research and proposal for our Instagram channel, but knowing about how Linh continued to develop her creative research skills on such a complicated and new topic like AR production is just beyond our imagination! We’re even more proud when hearing how Linh utilized her research and creative development skills further in another field, TV production, with her experience with Glass Entertainment Group.

During our most recent check-in, we learned that Linh had taken her creative expertise to another level. After spending a great time in video/media production, Linh is crafting her skills in managing website development projects – the diversity of her creative production expertise just never stops ending!

Linh already demonstrated her strength in producing web content during her time with us but knowing that she is advancing in the field of web development, managing web projects from start to end, from the visual to the content, gets us excited to see how far she has gone within her creative profession. Linh’s recent experience working on managing/curating website projects for Luther College and Unilever has proved her excellence in another creative field once again, just like any other creative production field that she has experience in. We are very curious to discover her next move!

Linh-san’s website HERE

Satoko Kamada
Director, Product Curator, Intern Instructor

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