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The Japanese shown here is as she wrote. We only added English translation.

Hi, everyone!

Today, I was very nervous but I had a feeling of trusting myself more. I have done presentation in Japanese, before but it was in front of a teacher who is Vietnamese. Today was my first time giving presentation in Japanese in front of Japanese people. However, after looking at the reaction of audience, I was relieved. There are things I can improve but, I was thankful that the audience gave me comment and praised me. It became meaningful experience.

Because my week point is I don’t remember anything when I am nervous, I was happy that I could do the presentation well.

By the way, soon the weekend is coming. What do you usually do on weekend? Other than I relax at home, I get of the city for camping with friends and colleagues. Usually it’s one night and two days, it is the best for recreation to talk with friends and enjoying beauty of nature.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: The interns of year 2020 are on  “METI Government of JAPAN, Japan Internship Program” . They are taking internship online from the office the internship organizer of this program provides.
編集部より注釈:今年のインターンシップは「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業」への参加で行われています。インターンはこの事業が用意した各国のオフィスからオンラインでインターンシップを受けています。

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comment from the instructor

WELL DONE!! I had no idea it was Ly-san’s first ever presentation in front of Japanese people. We had 2 guests to see interns’ presentation today. The CEO of our company and the Internship coordinator who drew us together.
One thing it hit me as viewing her presentation as a client was, she mentioned ” 2-in-1″ effect on the SNS promotion. THAT, I didn’t see it was coming. With the statistics of “How popular Japan is for Vietnamese as holiday destination” made me truly consider about Vietnam market.