The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Let’s get lit and nail our promotional task just like how this rocking statue in our working space does! この作業スペースにあるロックな置物みたいに、プロモーションのタスクをキメましょう!

It’s Friday again – how quick! Just like how quickly I can adapt and learn so many things during this internship already. I learned to wake up early and appreciate the freshness of the morning. I learned to be tougher with all the traffic across the city every day. I learned to appreciate Hanoi’s old quarter (which is quite far from my house) where our office is at. I learned to enjoy the beauty of every corner in our office – and not just to stick to one boring corner in the hectic room like the first couple of days.

Likewise, I believe I have grown up as a marketer, who just finished her first pitch today to my client a.k.a my instructor – Satoko-san (and the internship coordinator from Japan). I can’t believe that within just 7 half-a-days of working, I can review my marketing and promotional knowledge with my instructor, be guided to perform our own independent research and come up with a marketing/social media proposal to solve the client’s problem/brief. Just as I finished my presentation today, I’m even more excited to actually be working on our campaign next week, in collaboration with my instructor and colleague.

Can’t wait to getting my hands on creating visuals, editing photos, and writing beautiful posts with interesting hashtags for our Instagram channel! #please_check_our_Instagram #coming_soon
#わたしたちのインスタグラムをチェックして #カミングスーン

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comment from the instructor

Presentation time was only 15 minuets. Because her presentation was in English, so the special audiences whose strength were not English might not be able to understand fully, but it is Okay. Because Linh-san and Ly-san’s main client is ME. I was more than satisfied with her presentation. Since her presentation contained very information I needed to hear, on the hearing after the presentation, we could actually talk a few things farther than the contents of her presentation. As a client, I was very relieved that we could talk into farther matters to make promotion better.