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D-1 till my first ever pitch! 初めてのプレゼンまであと1日!

The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Another cute corner of our working/office space – it might be because of the change in our working space that I have been inspired than ever with this internship ^^~ オフィスの作業場からまた可愛いコーナー – このインターンシップで今まで以上にインスパイアされているのはきっと、作業環境が変わったからかも^^~

It’s the last day of our independent research. A few things I have realized after a week of my online internship:

  1. On Thursday and Friday, it seems like people don’t want to go work and don’t event go to work – as the city’s roads are much lighter without the heavy traffic jam, unlike the first three days of the week.
  2. Hanoi’s weather has been really nice, with cold breeze but warm sunlight, and less pollution (?). Similarly, my stamina has improved and adapted to the early morning schedule of getting across the city and its traffic to go to work.
  3. It seems like I have been able to achieve the goals and expectations I have set for myself since the beginning of this internship… after just a week into it! After 4 days of independent research in order to come up with a social media proposal, it will be my first pitch as “a professional marketer” tomorrow. Gathering up the materials that I have been working on throughout the week, I subtly proud of myself because I realize that I have actually experiencing a flow of working as a marketer – from doing market research, to coming up with a plan, and then even having a chance to pitch to my first client!

Finishing up my proposal, instead of being nervous because I might mess up my pitching script tomorrow, I’m excited to do the actual presentation in front of my client (a.k.a my internship instructor) and potentially my internship coordinator as well. Looking forward to tomorrow~

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comment from the instructor

Readers, you have no idea how short period of time they were given to prep the proposal presentation. I’ll explain it why on this weeks “instructor’s weekly blog” which I will write this weekend. It is short period time but not doable time. I know the information they gathered but I am not informed how they have cooked these information. I am so excited to hear the presentation as THE CLIENT. Because, usually, I am the giving presentation in the real life.

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