We received message from this year’s intern.

The article in English is original as the intern wrote. We added Japanese translation.

Hello! My name is Linh Do. You can call me Blinh ^^

I’m a creative enthusiast and a visual creature who is super keen on learning about how people creatively communicate meaningful and impactful messages through using storytelling and visual elements.

I’m super delighted to be working as a part of the KoLe project as a Marketing Intern. I look forward to learning more about how KoLe presents its brand to the world and can’t wait to be helping KoLe doing so!

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comment from the instructor

She has enough experiences & background of graphic & video design for marketing. She will have no problem creating marketing visuals. She is assigned to marketing KoLe in USA, per her experience of being there. As a creator myself, I am looking forward to seeing marketing visuals by her which are different taste from what I usually create. You can cheer and support her by leaving positive comments on her articles and Instagram posts on KoLe.