We received message from this year’s intern.

The Japanese shown here is as she wrote. We only added English translation.

Hello, everyone!

I’m Ly Nguyen a student of Hanoi University.
My name “Ly” means “lily”.

My hobbies are listening to music, reading and sports. I have been listening to music since I was little, under the influence of my father. When my mood is low, listening to music lifts my mood, enrich my heart and fills me with the emotion and will to keep it up.

また、ストレスが溜まった時には読書とスポーツをすることでストレスが解消でき、よりエネルギッシュに活動できます。日本人の作家の本も読んでいますが、その作家はHigashino Keigoという作家で、主には探偵小説をよんでいます。スポーツならバトミントンをやります。毎日、少なくとも1時間練習しています。
Also, reading and playing some sports release my stress and I can be more active than before. I also read Japanese author, Higashino Keigo and mainly Detective novels. For sports, I play Badminton. I practice at least one hour, everyday.

There are difficult things might occur on studying and working, but I believe I can reach the goal by challenging new things and keep controlling my stress with my hobbies.

I am grad to be able to join, this internship program. I will be a intern of KoLe project of Pon&Con Kikaku, Inc. I would like to gain experiences and make the most of my own experiences on the internship. I will be using “#hikari” on this project. I would greatly appreciate your support.

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comment from the instructor

Her language level is more than I expected. She will have no problem researching related matters in Japanese. I am also looking forward to see how she can maximize and use her enthusiasm for literature on this program. She is assigned to seek possibility of marketing KoLe in Vietnam. You can cheer and support her by leaving positive comments on her articles and Instagram posts on KoLe.