The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

New working view to the Hanoi’s streets in winter~

It’s the first day of working on our promotional task! Last weekend I had a chance to relax and refresh myself in order to be ready for this week but I bet Monday’s vibe is still haunting me so I’m still a little bit behind for today while writing this blog…

BUT… a big but: I have finished all my important task for the promotional part earlier than I thought! And I’m quite proud of myself just working quickly through the editing tool to make the photos appear closer to my creative vision… Though they are not there yet (due to my current inadequate photo retouching skill), I’m still pretty content with my visual deliverables for today (I even finished the extra ones upcoming).

Besides, I have also “nailed” my first copy for an Instagram post and received quite of a nice feedback from our lovely instructor… Let’s see how all of them turn out when they are posted ^^

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comment from the instructor

This is one of the reason, I felt strong need of us having international internship. We need someone who can tell our story with third eye and outside view of Japan. And, as soon as I read what Linh-san submitted, it hit me, I was not wrong… Also I must mention this to be fair. From this week we are getting into actual production so we have lots to discuss while we only have short time. More we talk, less time they have to work on. It is my miscalculation. I was not expecting we could have such a great sense of team work and relationship within such a short time. Before I knew who would be our interns, I never thought I could trust and rely on both of them to consult things about what each of them are great at.