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First day of the internship – ENERGETIC! インターンシップ初日―エネルギッシュ!

The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Notes taken by me in a notebook given by the internship coordinator.

It’s finally the first official day of our internship with our beloved company Pon&Con Kikaku. I really appreciate Satoko-san (our beloved instructor during this internship) for preparing so many orientation materials including videos, slides, and documents… in order for us interns to learn more about the company, the nature of our work, and even the people and their vision.

Besides being able to gain more information, we have actually started briefing the promotional tasks for this internship. I’m very impressed with how quickly we have gained the overview on the situation, dissected the problems, and moved onto discussing how we can tackle them with the most effective strategy. It’s also nice for us to put our knowledge into practice right away by writing this kind of blog daily in order to promote the internship (a part of our promotional tasks for the host company).

Other than that, personally, I really like how organized things have been while working with Satoko-san and Pon&Con Kikaku. Since everything is already planned, scheduled, and informed together with visual materials, it is really helpful for me to quickly get the information I need and understand what need to be done. As such, I believe I can efficiently move forward with different tasks and knowledge during my internship.

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comment from the instructor

“Prep-maniac” so some of former colleagues used to call me. “Time is money” doesn’t sound classy but time is precious resource we all have equally. I believe others’ time is more precious than mine. I was taught “working means making others like easier” when I was much younger. I am very glad that finally! someone appreciates my “prep-maniac-ness” ! Although, I have a feeling that Linh-san is way more efficient person than I am. I am very looking forward to exchange each others method.


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