The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

It’s Monday so let’s hang on there like these lovely clips! 今日は月曜日だから、このかわいいクリップみたいにしがみついて!

Starting off the second week of our internship, this week, we are on the go of doing our own independent research and preparing for our upcoming promotional task. Although I have had experiences in the field of marketing, I’m still very excited when doing this kind of research guided by our instructor.

This is the first time I can go through a structured, step-by-step, and thorough journey of market research for marketing/promotional campaigns. Beginning the research with getting to know and visualizing our target audience is a very nice start, which helps me to be reminded and be grounded when writing and tailoring our posts to the right customers.

From having to brainstorm very specific details about our target customers, I have been able to imagine the realest and most intimate person in front of me, the one that I can communicate our brand’s image to and convince to buy our products. As such, I become more confident in creating the right content and visual for our target audience. Last but not least, from this research experience, I can have a base to kick off my own approach in tackling market research and promotional tasks in the future.

Looking forward to receiving more instructions and doing more research within this internship.

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comment from the instructor

From today, interns will be working on tasks by themselves. The goal of today’s task was to create a persona which you can almost see the person on back of your eyelid when you close your eyes. Reading through the persona she created was quite fun. I could see what the person would wear to work, how she carry herself. I’ve added a category about “when is the person on the Instagram”. What Linh-san wrote was very specific that I know what time I should post the post created by her. Depending on the medium, “what time of the day to post” is also very important element, if we want to get reaction right away.