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Featured Creator: Linh Do, from Intern to Creative Professional

It’s been over 2 years since our last batch of interns completed their internships at KoLe. So many things have happened but one good thing is that we still all try to keep in touch with one another. Besides Ly-san’s latest trip to Japan, Linh-san keeps us posted from time to time.

My 1st Oversea Internship Experience

It’s the final “task” of our internship with KoLe Shikoku, Japan. This task is about whatever we experience as interns during this internship and I believe that there is no better way to do so other than demonstrating my experience through the concept of Instagram – the platform that we have been closely engaged in and developed from. Please enjoy reading ^^



Bringing local traditional experience to the world & Earning business-running skills for yourself

– Online internship with KoLe by Pon&Con Inc. –
Pon&Con Kikaku Inc., with its mission of “Make small businesses shine,” will be soon recruiting potential interns to help with their KoLe’s Project.


– (株)Pon&Con企画によるKoLeでのオンラインインターンシップ –
「小規模企業を輝かせる」をミッションとする(株)Pon&Con企画が海外事業KoLe(KoLe Shikoku, Japan)でのインターン候補の募集を近い将来開始する。

Accidentally last daily blog ;O; ふとしたことから最後の日記ブログ

This is not supposed to be the last daily blog for our internship but it’s anyway now so let’s get it started…

Second-to-last daily blog… 最後から2番目の日記ブログ…

Second-to-last daily blog (tomorrow we will submit the last one)…
One week (on calendar) or five working days till the end of this internship…

Life is all about trials… 人生は試みが全て…

Today, I had a chance to step out of my comfort and enter the world of endless possibilities when it comes to graphic designing.

Second-to-last Monday in office…最後から2番目のオフィスでの月曜日

It’s Monday again but just next week, our internship is sadly going to an end… Anyhow, I have been having a wonderful experience during this internship with KoLe and Satoko-san and everyone else so I have no regret whatsoever and I will leave this internship with just joy and happiness.

It’s reflection time! – part 2: I’m the mind of a creator! 反映の時間-Part2: 私はクリエイター思考!

It’s time for another daily blog so I’m going to write about my thoughts behind our previous Instagram promotional task during this internship.