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Third day of the independent research – Let’s fresh thing up! 自分でリサーチ3日目-気分転換しよう

The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Pizza party at work! Such a nice time to (eat and) get to know others ^^~

Moving away from the nature of the internship work and task, let’s talk about the “gray time” at work for today. Before this internship, I have had some experiences working as a freelancer. But what I miss the most is to be in a “proper team” and to work, interact, and communicate with people on a frequent basis. I never expect such sense to happen during this internship – as it is only for 30 half-a-days, and via online channels.

Yet, after only 5 days at work, I sincerely wish that the internship can be extended to 6 months, full-time, and at its best, half online, and half in Japan (if we can overcome the logistics with COVID-19). Not only my host company’s instructor and my co-worker are the loveliest colleagues I have in the past year, the other interns from other companies who work in the same office with me are also super nice and friendly. I finally got to know them and my internship coordinators yesterday when we had a Welcome Pizza Party (and the pizzas are really nice too!).

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comment from the instructor

Readers! Aren’t you surprised by her article today? I hope you haven’t thought Linh-san is a “mind filled up only with work” like person. What she wrote last few articles explained really well what we are doing on the internship from intern point of view to introduce our internship to potential future interns. And she has been successful doing that. But I was starting to worry about how you readers imagine Linh-san’s personality is. I was hoping that she would submit some articles which show real charming side of her, the side I totally adore. And here we go!
She sent me a group photo they took at the Pizza Party they had. And as soon as I found my girls in the photo, I laughed my head off. Because, both of them next each other, took front & center position in the group. I showed it to the CEO and told him “Look! They really meant to be with us! That’s the spirit!”.

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