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The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

A motivation from our new lovely and inspirational working spaces! 

In the second day of our research journey towards doing our real promotional tasks, we are lucky to be able to move our working space to a lovely floor with more natural lights, window glasses, and cute decoration/design! As such, I feel more alive and motivated for today.

Today’s research is about the visual element part of our project, which should be the part that I’m the most interested and confident in. However, the more I know that I should be capable of nailing such research, the more I expect myself to complete the task more “successfully.”

The moment I found out that my direction is going too narrowed, too “inside-of-the-box,” is the moment I almost finished my task. Luckily, I have been able to quickly shift my perspective and have a fresh start with the research again, bearing in my mind what I have learned throughout the process and the other day while having our target audience at the back of my mind.  

Throughout the research, I have come to understand the power of the process and its different steps, which enables me to even shift the focus of my topic for our upcoming promotional task into a more specific, exciting, and interesting one!

Looking forward to bringing our project into life~

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comment from the instructor

Creating something or Coming up with some ideas as professional means, regardless of our fountain of idea & inspiration is filled or dried, we must pitch something in short time. Also we have to explain the reason why we propose it to clients. The method is just one of bunch but this method help us in 3 ways. Firstly it keeps us focusing on what need to be get done with out drifting off the ocean of our large imagination, secondly it help us to squeeze ideas out and thirdly we will have information what we need tell our clients on clients’ point of view. I am very glad that Linh-san seems to got it.