The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
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Hello, everyone!

When the winter comes, you don’t want to move around, do you? Anyway, hang in there! The weekend is coming soon.

Today, we are talking about doing party when we finish the first half of the internship and we are thinking of going to have hot pot dish. So, we were excited about it with other interns of other companies at the office. Just having good activity contents on the internship is not enough, having good office environment and atmosphere is important. If we have both, we can work and have fun without stress and pressure everyday.

I am so thankful to be able to participate in this internship.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: The interns of year 2020 are on  “METI Government of JAPAN, Japan Internship Program” . They are taking internship online from the office the internship organizer of this program provides.
編集部より注釈:今年のインターンシップは「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業」への参加で行われています。インターンはこの事業が用意した各国のオフィスからオンラインでインターンシップを受けています。

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comment from the instructor

Oh… So that was the reason, this morning’s briefing was jollier than usual. Hot pot dish party… I wonder, what type of hot pot dishes are available in Hanoi…It is always great to know that our interns are getting along with other interns^^. First half of the internship finishes on 23rd Dec and they will resume on 18th Jan for latter half. So, we had a longer meeting with Ly-san and Linh-san today. The thing Ly-san mentioned left an impression for me was…
She found the difference between School work and professional work. One is grated with the score of tests, the other is grated the result of work. In order for her to aim higher evaluation, she needs to invest in herself for skills and experiences.
You, readers might find normal thing but it is NOT. Because there are so many people who I worked with or encounter with think and say “I cannot do this because I was not taught to do so” unashamed. But Ly-san already knows that she has to go get it by herself. I am looking forward to see how she learns from first half experiences and how she use it to latter half.
Yes, on the professional field, everyday, every moments are the test.