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Second-to-last daily blog… 最後から2番目の日記ブログ…

The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Life is a journey and I still go on (or even up) after all…

Second-to-last daily blog (tomorrow we will submit the last one)…

One week (on calendar) or five working days till the end of this internship…

Finishing up the second-to-last task of this internship…

Everything just flew by really fast… This internship is like a midnight winter dream to me – too beautiful to be true and that’s why it is too short too (just for 30 days). The internship happens during the midst of COVID-19 mess and grants me literally everything that I look for when applying for any internship – the learning, the boss, the colleagues, and even the office!

Since it’s too good and gets me too happy for a while, I feel pitiful having to come back to my life again (half-joking). All I’m doing in this internship are so direct and straightforward that I could hardly believe why I’m struggling so much in my real life – with my studying, finding another job, scheduling, sleeping, and even eating sometimes…

I’m not trying to complain or expressing any grief here but just want to point out how different this internship has turned my life into. There is such a big gap, a discrepancy between being in this internship and balancing the mess outside of it.

Still, I look forward to the challenges coming up next and seeing myself handling them~

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comment from the instructor

Today, I interviewed each interns about before the internship, during the internship and after the internship. With Linh-san’s consent, we recorded the interview that I am hoping that we can share that somewhere soon (it means when I force myself to secure the time to edit it). The conversation we had off the camera was more interesting and fun but let us keep that to our selves. The remaining untouched task from KoLe internship is just ONE MORE but we have gotten the finale to execute it perfectly. It is the presentation in front of (online) other companies and interns to tell what we did. Let’s make our internship look the best ever internship run by JIP!!!!

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