The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

It’s not supposed to be the last daily blog so I’m showing extra photos about my life in this one ^^ Most of my photos are about food or drink (I love matcha, chocolate, coffee, and milk tea) because I’m such a foodie. Besides, I truly enjoy hanging out in pretty coffee shop with friends for chatting, tarot reading, and utmost, for studying/working/writing things. I tend to function when there are people around (I’m such an extrovert who can easily gain energy by being around others) ^^

This is not supposed to be the last daily blog for our internship but it’s anyway now so let’s get it started…

Today is not even Friday yet, not even the day of our last task yet. I have not even finished half of my regular week schedule yet… But the mood is just too difference… Maybe it’s because we have come to the very end of this week, of this internship, of its final task… Maybe it’s because break and Lunar New Year are all coming together really soon.

Today I want to write about something more casual because our last task for the internship will be more formal and rich in materials anyway. I have realized that since this internship, I have changed a lot in many ways. But the most noticeable change is that I started to allow myself to rest and take a break, to just do what I want to and when I’m ready to do so – I stopped forcing myself to finish all the schedule I have set or all the tasks I think I’m supposed to get done.

I have finally learned how to go with the flow and take care of myself in order to regain energy to come back better and stronger~~~

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2021 Jan 28

comment from the instructor

Now, I guess I owe an explanation to the audience what she means by “accidentally”. I have changed the tasks and schedule for this final half when we finished our first half. But the original schedule and task list data was left there. And information mixed up happened. The blog was originally end today. But with the new schedule it was scheduled till Feb 2nd. And after given a thought I came to the decision to stick to the original plan. Because it is neater. When I was interviewing Linh-san and Ly-san, I was so afraid to hear that they say “no I have not changed at all” as the answer of my question “Comparing yourself before this internship and after, is there any change? If there are what are they?”. It was so glad to know that both answered “yes”. Tomorrow, Linh-san and Ly-san are writing one more proper article to telling us their entire experience on the internship. Also the article they wrote by interviewing me is coming up.
The daily blog is done but they are still with us!
P.S. Nobody believes me but I am more of introvert. I recharge my energy being alone — the comment for the caption of the day.