The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

Besides the learning experience, the “byproducts” of this internship (that how our instructor Satoko-san calls it) is definitely the joy of working in a fancy office, being able to have fancy meals together, and receiving these absolutely cute presents from our internship coordinators like this one ^^

It’s time for another daily blog so I’m going to write about my thoughts behind our previous Instagram promotional task during this internship. Today, we indeed had a sharing session on our aftermath findings about the results of our Instagram posts. As we analyzed the results, I just felt amazed to know that some of my assumptions at the beginning were correct and some of my intentions for those posts really worked:

  1. I have learned somewhere (probably in school) that people will be more likely to notice when they see something that has human presence. So I purposefully chose photos that had a human being or a body part of a human being for this promotional task and it seemed to work! It just got me very excited to know that my learning at school is practically effective.
  2. As we experienced the flow of working as a marketer, we spent a lot of time researching about out target audience. Some of the work have been pure guesses or just based on logic without any statistical back up evidence, for example, I chose my target audience to be living in Europe of North America while assuming that they would check our Instagram posts something during lunch or after work in the afternoon. As such, I suggested the timing of posting to be close to those times accordingly, and it worked! Again, I just find it really interesting to know that educated guesses based on logic or common sense do work too in our marketing field ^^

I’m sharing things that might be too technical but I just want to show how much I have learned and enjoyed learning during this internship.

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comment from the instructor

“hunch” is like the information we gathered unintentionally from our everyday experience which our brain just sort for us. That is my definition of “hunch”. I just wish I could reveal all the target analyze and strategy she came up based on her target. Because I felt she was shooting beam directly to the target, like Ichiro the former major leaguer. I don’t know about other people who have to do the marketing, but I think our job is getting into our targets’ mind and think like them. I think Linh-san is really good at it.
Because we cannot live another life or multiple lives at once, we need to observe people, listen to the people, read or watch fictional stories and non fictional stories, to gain “information”. And think “why did the person do it?” deeper. Set an assumption then test it if it will be the same. Also get information of psychology.
I am so happy that her strategy worked really well!!!