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First week over – 第一週を終えて

Instructor weekly blog is written by Internship Instructor SATOKO in both English and Japanese.

The fig tree across the road from our company. I just love the sun light in the late afternoon shoots through the leaves, this time of the year. 事務所から道を挟んで生えているイチジクの木。この時期の夕方前に、太陽が葉っぱを照らし抜く様がとても好きです。

I am writing this as thinking “Is anyone interested in my thought on the program? Who would care about the instructor where they can read wonderful daily blog written by talented interns?”. Originally, I was not going to write any articles like this. But this week changed me.

This year, we are on “METI Government of JAPAN, Japan Internship Program”. The program runs every year. But this year is done by online for the first time for them. It has been already quite a journey for me.
今年、「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業」に参加する形でインターンシップを行っている。毎年行われている事業なのだそうだ。しかし、今年はこの事業にとっても、初めてオンラインでインターンシップを行う。もうすでに、私にとっては十分すぎるほどのアドベンチャーになっている。

Unexpected by-product of Daily Blog.

Writing short daily blog is one of their task.

Our interns are running 2 types of promotion during this internship. One is to promote KoLe on our Instagram the way they like. The other is to promote internship. As a part of promoting internship, their task is to write and submit a short article about the day with one photograph, everyday when they are on the internship activity.

They only have less than one hour per a day to create the article you see here everyday. They have submitted 2 articles. What do you think? Aren’t they brilliant? Both of them are very aware that the article is to promote internship so without me telling them specifically what to do or not to do, they have been creating great material. Linh-san mentions on her article about how I have been providing them information efficiently, but, it is more of both of their ability to digest information they are given. Because, if I gave same information in same way and timing, I know there are a lots of professionals will do the things they are not supposed to do.

Old but new way of communication.

The original reason I added daily blog task was I wanted our interns to get use to keep producing something in short time. And think ahead of the schedule then get things prepared before hand so that they can manage to have extra time on internship. For example, taking photos before they come into the office in Hanoi or take 5 photos on day offs.

Besides, my intention… I noticed that the daily blog they submit me itself is becoming the way of communication among us. From the choice of words, the choice of topics, what they wrote and what they didn’t write tells me their personality. I am gradually knowing them without taking special time during the internship.

It is like a group journal… I wonder if you ever done this but it is to write a dairy on one notebook among a group of people by taking turns.

I am very aware that they are writing their Daily Blog because it is their task. And it is one of the practice for promotional writing, so they are not going to say anything bad about the program. But still, I can gain so much information from it.

Still… looking at their wonderful performance from the first week, their passion and attitude towards this internship made me feel that I should probably put myself on another task to write weekly blog.

One problem to be solved on online internship.

Through the preparation and actual internship days, I was able to find one problem to be solved. It is we cannot have gray time. What I mean by gray time is, when you are working in the same building or office, we would always have “we are on the job but not really” time like coffee break or lunch time. If I asked interns to have gray time online, it is ON and alerting time. For example, if your boss asks you to have ZOOM party, isn’t it a bit mandatorily? I cannot, should not and don’t want them to experience “forcefully having gray time”.

Experience work flow of Marketers.

Currently, both of our interns are on the project of “Experience work flow of marketers”. We are on one simulation with actual deliverables. I am taking part of “too busy to run and manage own Instagram account but desperately needs of reaching to targeting consumers and help with some specific order but for some part super flexible” client. And interns are taking the parts of “professional marketers”.

Ly-san is going to help me with to seek the possibility of marketing KoLe in Vietnam market. Linh-san is going to help me with USA market.

This week we went through the basic knowledge on how SNS works and what we should be thinking. Then they were told the needs and problems their client has. Also using that information, they had 15minutes to ask questions to their client.

From this point, they will be getting ready for giving proposal presentation to their client. Once they live through the questions from their client then got Green Light on their plan, they will be start creating posts.

I cannot ask more.

Ly-san is a Japanese speaker with great knowledge of Japanese culture. Linh-san is an English speaker with great experience in visual creation.
Both are different in very good way. Both has different set of goal towards this internship. And both are very capable. What can I ask more? Nothing.

I just hope that they focus on what they good at and believing in themselves to enhance their ability to go through the internship. And hopefully they will have extra time remained to do whatever they feel like to do.

My program might be tough compare to other company. There might be a lots to get done. But I designed this internship that interns will end up with a bunch of proof of what they have accomplished, are capable of which they can physically show to future employers or managers of projects.

They don’t have to prove anything to me. I want them to prove themselves that they did 120% of what they thought they could do.

Now, they are here because I believe they can do things better than I do. So I wonder what can I do for them to make this internship better than they imagined first. . . . .

1st week over

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