It is called “goma-tamago” . The sweets for souvenir of Tokyo, Japan. It’s one of my favorite souvenir & sweets in Japan, so far. これは「ごまたまご」。東京のお土産のお菓子。そして、いまのところ日本のお菓子のお土産で最も好きなもの。

This week was FANTASTIC WEEK for this internship, like, I must mention in all capital letters. It was the week for interns to research to decide what to do for their SNS promotion and get ready proposal presentation for their client (Me) to give them approval. And through the pitch….in 5 days. Not to mention, they only have about 3 hours everyday. Thus, they have done it all in 15 hours. I knew the schedule is tight. But there is a reason and aim for me that I designed this week’s schedule like that. Here I am explaining the reason and aim. As well as what I found and was thankful this week.

Drastic Treatment / 荒療治
The Team / ザ・チーム
Thinking aloud / 独り言

Drastic Treatment / 荒療治

The schedule was sat before knowing Linh-san & Ly-san well. That part, I must mention first. I had basic schedule way before I even knew who would be our interns. I only added details in the schedule right after I read their both C.V. . So I was looking for someone but specific someone for this internship.

Time and Quality are not always in direct proportion.

When I was an fine-art student in the school, I was given unrealistic amount of time to finish a piece, when I look back those days. But in professional real life, there are times you need to come up in short time of period. And it is always better at get things done as quickly as possible. Because, you never know what kind of offer and opportunities are waiting for you in 3 months time. (Although, this year, I screwed it up. I misread this year for scheduling wise for my daily job…)

So, I wanted my interns to experience how much things get done in short time of period. (But I have a feeling Linh-san & Ly-san could done it in a bit shorter time, if our internship were 8 hours per day instead of 4hours) I said 15 hours but, their prep-time was only 12 hours. If you were working 8 hours a day, you are able to create proposal within 2 days. And you even have time to check e-mail and do other things on the job.

Especially for proposal presentation, it is just knocking on the door of client’s heart. You do not need everything just yet. Because, there is a chance that the door might not open at all. The time you should spend more is after the door opens and building up the relationship with clients. Spending too much time before knocking on the door which you never know if it opens is not efficient. Also, there is a huge chance that the clients might be asking the same thing to our competitors. This is not the time to spending long time.

But at the same time, you cannot pitch halfway done presentation either. So it always helps to have your own method to get preparing presentation in short time. The method our interns used was the one of method I use in my head often. If our interns find the method useful, I would love them to customize the method in their way to use.

Taking long time and getting things done well is not professional.

This is the phrase, I was taught by a boss who I had first job in the restaurant, when I was 17. What he meant was…
If you were paid any amount of money, it means you are a professional. If you are a professional you have to provide “value to pay you”. Anyone can spend long time and get things done perfectly. Anyone can spend short time and end up with halfway done. Only professional can get things done perfectly in short time effortlessly.

This might seem nothing to do with creative profession. But it sinks you deeply once you became free-lancer. Your guarantee per a project won’t usually change, even if you get it done in short time or longer time. The number of projects you can take each year is limited.

Experience This and get prepared and better for next opportunity.

This is an internship and the client presentation to their instructor. Even if they could not do it the way they wanted, it was OKAY for me. No harm will done here. I wanted them to have an experience a tight schedule once in the environment where even if things went the way we did not expect, they will not loose anything. I am sure each of them have thought on the presentation today. They observed the presentation each other. So they must have learned from each other. I would like them to get the method which works for them and get better from the experience they had this week.

Capacity can enlarge only by experiences.

Each one of us know what is the limit of us and capacity of ourselves. However, it can enlarge anytime. The way is only you experience harder condition than your normal capacity or limit and to know “you lived through”. Once you enlarge your capacity, the things used be the limit becomes a piece of cake.

That was whole of my intention. However… I wonder if it were tough enough for Linh-san and Ly-san. More I get to know them, I started feeling that their potential is way higher than any of us even know….just…yet… hummm….

The Team / ザ・チーム

Spontaneous Action

It started showing from the end of previous week. It all started when Linh-san told me that there is one thing she wants to do on Social Media Promotion so she wanted to make sure if it is okay with me. And it was a brilliant idea which I probably could not come up with in a million years. However, it takes change of our post schedule. But the most of 2nd week, I was away from the office due to attending a trade show out side of Kagawa. And I didn’t think I could conduct the idea by myself. But Linh-san can! So I asked her if she could be in charge of organizing post scheduling by consulting with Ly-san as well. That would be one more responsibility that Linh-san has to take but she willingly took that part.

I took off on Sunday with feeling something is changing in very good way among us. Then, I saw what Ly-san submitted for her research. During self-research days, I have given them some worksheets to fill to help them guide through what need to be thought or research in Excel files. Wow! That was my reaction. Actually saying out loud in my hotel room alone. “Wow!” She modified the excel sheet and added and/or categorized information she gathered for her to use it for the presentation. I finally knew what these modifications were for when I saw her presentation. I really adore her sharpness she shows here and there.

no interns and no instructor, anymore

From this week, we started one on one briefing at the beginning and at the end of the internship day. Our conversation were getting frequent and deeper towards the SNS promotion all of us want it to succeed. By looking at the research report, I can know better about how their working mind works. I felt very comfortable letting them handle and be in charge of each promotion idea. So, our briefing and conversation became more of discussing how to make our project better. I was no longer an instructor. I am a project manager. And Linh-san and Ly-san are not my interns anymore, their my reliable project team mates.

During my business trip, I cannot use the applications, high spec PC and high speed internet like I usually do at my office. Also there are things I have to do for the purpose of the business trip. I felt from them during me being away was “Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you” type of atmosphere which I appreciate so much.

Also I was so happy to see, how both of them are working together. To be honest, I was not sure how 2 interns on-time relationship was going to be. As I mentioned before, both of them have totally different set of skills. But what they are going to do is pretty much the same. If they choose to, this internship can be completed with working together. I wanted to see them work together but at the same time I did not want to put forcefully working together program without knowing the chemistry of each other. I noticed their skills and ability started shine more since they have started working together.

I haven’t had such a reliable team mates in long time. I am probably the luckiest instructor among the company joined this internship this year.

Thinking aloud / 独り言

Why I chose Social Media Promotion

Using Social Media for business promotion or marketing became huge and one of the business common sense even, last 2 decades or so. I have cling on to the trend for these decades, but I started seeing that mindset of people have been also changed along the history of Social Media.

Before internet and Social Media were in our everyday life, the people who were in the industry longer had better idea from their experiences.

However, in the marketing, promotion and IT world, I have been feeling that it is no longer the case. People do not choose products or service the way people used to. So how to promote products or service should have changed.

I try to stay flexible, but last couple of weeks proved me that my assumption is correct, my mind is getting harder and harder. My clients still surprise the numbers of ideas I can propose and I appreciate my clients to think of me that way. But in the field of Social Media and IT, younger people have the most advance knowledge. I cannot compete with that.

I have seen many elderly act like “know it all” with “old information” and giving a hard time to younger people. I would not like to be that person. I want to be taught by younger people the new way and the latest things. In exchange, what I can offer are only the experiences in off-line world and history happened in front of me as case studies and chance.

Next week /次週

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