Hello, Me again, Satoko the instructor. Same as yesterday, Linh-san and Ly-san were finishing up their article that I am writing the daily blog instead of them. And, I have a question to you!

What excites you the most in your everyday life?

Today, both of them remind me what excites me the most. What I love.

During the first half of our internship, I did not interfere their creation. But this last half, I will be involving their production more. Today they have finished writing interview article early. So, we had plenty of time to start briefing on one image they are creating for the interview article.

Linh-san studies visual communication, so with her, what to talk about the image naturally become more technical. The assignment they were given is to create a image with letters. The assignment has 2 elements, image and letters. The purpose of the image is grabbing the expected readers eyes. Looking pretty does not necessary do the job, catching people’s eyes. But hence the type of business we are, catching attention by shocking, ugly, or messy visual is not acceptable. It was fun talking about what we could do together.

Ly-san is not major in art or design, but it doesn’t mean that she cannot design or create things. She always have brilliant idea which something won’t be in my lists of idea. There is always a blind spot because you live in a specific world too long, in any genres. Working with Ly-san is like she puts light on my blind spot with a flashlight for me. Her idea was quite interesting. I would not usually go for but I genuinely would love to see that. What Ly-san and I talked about was color. Colors are really troublesome element. There are uncountable combination exist. But certain colors tell certain message. I’m looking forward to see what colors she will pick tomorrow.

I am also greatly effected by them.

Ever since I have started working with them, I have started noticing some slight change. I have been noticing some change in me. It is so hard to explain it with words but I can see what I create has changed a bit. I think I am influenced by them.

Today, we had chance to talk about design, it was surprisingly fun for me. I do what I do because I love doing it, I know. But it was kind of re-recognition of it.