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【日本語あり】Intern Reward Trip to Kagawa, Japan

Finally!! We get together with our former intern Ly and give her a intern reward trip in Kagawa, Japan!

Real feels to it. 現実的な感覚

The first week of the last half of our internship has finished. What we are doing might be similar from the first half if you read our blog, and types of assignments but…

Talking about DESIGN is FUN! デザインについて語るって楽しい!

Hello, Me again, Satoko the instructor. Same as yesterday, Linh-san and Ly-san were finishing up their article that I am writing the daily blog instead of them. And, I have a question to you!

While we were on the break…冬休みの間に…

Today and tomorrow, Instructor is writing the blog. Because Linh-san and Ly-san have to focus on writing other article. Today, let me show you the fun we had during our winter break!

First Half Over! 前半終了!

After our internship started, I started noticing that something was oddly going the way I totally didn’t expect but I could not point a finger on it just quite… till today.

3rd week over – I have a confession to make – 実は、告白することがあります…

Third week is over. One phase finished means next is coming. Before we move on to the next phase of our internship, I have a few confessions to make…

2nd week over – drastic treatment & the TEAM 2週目終了-荒療治とザ・チーム

I knew the schedule is tight. But there is a reason and aim for me that I designed this week’s schedule like that. Here I am explaining the reason and aim.

First week over – 第一週を終えて

I am writing this as thinking “Is anyone interested in my thought on the program? Who would care about the instructor where they can read wonderful daily blog written by talented interns?”. I was not going to write any article like this. But this week changed me.

Culture difference? Personal Difference? 文化差?個人差?

I have made one decision when I got great news of 2 wonderful interns accepted our offer of internship…

Internship starts インターンシップが始まります

Internship will start from Dec. 1st, 2020. We will be reporting how they are doing on the blog and our Social Media. So please cheer them up.