I totally forgot I had a pack of egg bought before and bought a new pack…So, I had to boil a pack of egg…and I kept eating boiled eggs a lot this week.

The first week of the last half of our internship has finished. What we are doing might be similar from the first half if you read our blog, and types of assignments but there is a huge difference between first half and now.

In the first half, interns created promotional contents as 2 professional marketer and me being their client. But this half, we are working as a team. It means whether they like it or not, I will involve with their creation more as the leader of the team.

I’ve learnt their strength in the first half. Now, my job is to finish their promotional contents with enhancing their strength. On Friday, we had meeting on what to create for the Instagram Advertisement. Again, they were given the same assignments, although their assigned markets are different, they both gave me a total different approach.

We had more conversation about our production this week. And… I felt what we have now is so real that I sometimes forget they are interns. The week we had was that real.

Linh-san mentioned about there are things I call “By-products” of our internship on her blog on Jan-22. I had vivid purpose and aim to join this internship. If I call it the result of it as “product”, the things I gained out side of my purpose and aim are should be called “by-products”. One of them is “Ly-san and Linh-san created the internship culture with us”. What I experienced with them will be the base line for further internship. I wonder if they notice how big deal it is…

When I was in junior high school, I happened to become the very first female president of student council in the school history. But at the time, it was not a big of deal for me. And I never had a chance to know if I left anything good to the next generations. Little birds told me that my junior high school got female presidents, not right after me but latter than that. But who knows, it could easily nothing to do with me. After the graduation ceremony of the school, I was surrounded by a lots of junior female students who wanted to talk to me. That was the only time I felt that I might have done something. But that is all. So, I am hoping that future interns will have a chance to meet with “the legendary interns, the ones, Ms. Ly and Ms. Linh” in years later.