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3rd week over – I have a confession to make – 実は、告白することがあります…

One corner of the hotel I stayed on the previous business trip.

Third week is over. It means their hardest & hectic part of their internship is over and their hard works are exhibited on our Instagram as a design show until Jan 15th, 2021. One phase finished means next is coming. Before we move on to the next phase of our internship, I have a few confessions to make…


It is not Marketing Internship

The most sever instructor they might come across with

Thinking aloud / 独り言
But we don’t have time! /でも時間がないの!
Something to look forward to / 何かを楽しみにすること

It is not Marketing Internship

If you are the reader who have been reading my weekly blog, you might have sensed that my biggest intention for this internship is not in training Social Media Marketers. Yes, I have designed the course that they go through the work experiences of Social Media Marketing.

But if I wanted to put more weight on training Social Media Marketers, and had only 30 days, I would spend entire 30 days to create 1 piece. But they were asked to create so many as “5 sets of Instagram post (originally it were 10 posts each, but a suggestion from interns, it became 15 posts )” and “12 short blog articles” in 12 days. And I had no intention of asking them to change the visual they created from the beginning (not that I want to change some of their creation they have done: they did way more than my expectation that I will not change a thing on what they’ve done ).
もし、私がSNSマーケティングの研修を30日間で行うことに重きをおくのであれば、30日間で1つの作品を手掛けたことでしょう。なのに、彼女たちが課せられたのは「5セットのインスタグラム投稿(元もは10投稿だったのですが、インターンからの提案で15投稿に最終的になりました)」と「12件の短いブログ記事」これを12日間で行うこと。そして、元々、インターンが作りだす画像に修正指示を出すつもりはありませんでした (今回の彼女たちの作品に修正指示を出したいところがあったと言っているのではありません:彼女たちは、私の想像をはるかに超えた作品を生み出してくれました。何一つ変える必要はありません)。

I put as much elements as possible of what happens and important when they start their fulltime job regardless of its field. First 12 days’ unannounced theme were for them to know “their own max capability under many restrictions” and “their work speed against workload”.

The first 12 days have been warming up and knowing their base line for them to grow from. In those 12 days I have put a few things that could happen in real job.

  • The information given are occasionally not be explained fully.
  • Your boss will proceed work as you understand all information you were provided, unless you ask.
  • Even you think you have 15minutes to do something, always something else gets in.

In latter half, the new elements are coming in. Working with business owner point of view and doing things they’ve done before better than the last time.

What I purely wish for both of them is getting their head wired to professional world while they are still students. And I want them to have start dash once they got a full time job of their dream.

The most sever instructor they might come across with

My first experience training new comers at work was when I was 18 years old or 19 years old. Can you imagine, high school student or just graduated from high school is training 20 something years old or 30 something years old?! I even have experience of firing someone at the age of 19.

Year by year and depending on the job descriptions, my way of training people on the job has changed. I used to yell. I used to say harsh things. But I don’t do that anymore. Because, these things never work. The biggest things I changed were: To create atmosphere that they can talk anything to me, To think if they did not do things well that is all my bad not theirs.

But there are a few things never change: I am watching… how and what they are doing on the things I did not mention or told to do, how they will handle the matters which are problems but I don’t point out, If they are thinking by themselves, If they can seek help when they needed, If they are on time on everything, how they handle trouble, if they can catch information provided unofficially…etc…….. very quietly…
しかし、変えないことももちろんいくつかあります: 「言わなれなかったこと、指示されなかったことをどうしているか」「問題があるときに、私がその問題を指摘しない場合、どうするか」「自分で考えて行動をしているか」「必要な時に助けを求められるか」「期限を守れるか」「トラブルにどう対応するか」「非公式に与えられた情報を掴めるか」… などを…とても静かに見ています…

*This weekly blog is one of “unofficial information totally up to interns to read or not”.

For some people, that part of me is the most scary part to have me as a senior worker, trainer or boss, apparently.

But other trainers think differently. The most sever part of my method is “I let them make mistakes”. Some other trainers tell new comers everything so that they won’t make mistake. But I don’t do that. The reason is even if I explained them everything, 10% of what I said left in them, then it is super lucky day for me. It is impossible for the most people to understand and do everything they were told in one go.

NOT that I make traps for them. Please do not take it wrongly. When they make mistake is the best moment of learning. We think together the way to prevent it to happen again. So, I don’t give out to them if they made mistake. After all, trainers’ goal is for them to be great colleagues.

I do not expect that anybody can do perfectly on every thing from the beginning. But I do expect them to do it better than last time even for slightly.

But, in order for this method to work, I need to be trusted by them. I have to be fair. I need to have eyes and heart to see goodness only in them. I have to put them first. And I need to show them that I have their back.

Thinking aloud / 独り言

But we don’t have time! /でも時間がないの!

I wrote a lot of thing on this article but, it doesn’t mean that our interns are making mistake or doing things wrong. Everyone has the space of improvement, including me, but that is human nature. Nothing to do with this internship. Yes, if they were employee of our company then things will be a little bit different…but…this is internship. But at the same time they are not getting any easy pass either, trust me. It is just difference of expectation. Expectation for the people who are “getting salary from our company and facing real clients” and “being on internship” should be different, because, responsibility levels are different.

I just wish I had more time. I see so much potential that I really would like to see how they grow & glow. I want to pass everything I can possibly pass.
As I mentioned, I could be the probably the most sever instructor they might ever come across with. One of the reason is, I do not spend time with the people I find my time will be waisted. But them! I am very willing to offer my time, if they want me to!

Something to look forward to

Ever since our internship started, I realized that something was missing in my life. It is “something to look forward to”. Oh…no… stop feeling pity for me, I have very happy and exiting life, thank you. I always move towards the goal and dream of mine. But I forgot how a little thing can lift your day brighter. Nothing as big as waiting for Santa Clause to visit you. More of knowing a really nice piece of chocolate cake is waiting for you in the frige when you get back kind the way.

I am the very first person who reads Ly-san and Linh-san’s blog everyday in the world! I am always looking forward to read what they wrote on that day. The 3rd week was special. It was like opening advent calendar. The Instagram post they created. Every time they finish their piece, it was full of surprises and joy. Not only the visual, as well as text, “wow, I never though doing that”, “woooo beautiful”, “oh, so that’s how people outside of Japan sees us, eh”. I hope you will feel the same something from their posts. It is on our Instagram. One new post will be up everyday till Jan 15th.


Instagram Design Show: Promotion by Interns 2020

Show brochure : Behind the scenes

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