The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The Japanese shown here is as she wrote. We only added English translation.

The world gets colorful like this photo (Trip with my class mates)

Every day, there are people go to school, work or stay at home all the time. Have you ever though about what we live for? Life is filled with joyful things and sad things, so how can we go through when you face difficult matter without motivation? People have different motivation but mine is goodness.

I believe if I did something good, it will come back to me. It brings goodness to people around me and it will bring happiness to all people. When I see happy faces on my family, friends and colleagues because of what I did, my heart feels warmer and I feel I am useful to the society. If you want other people to do something for you, you should do it to the person. And our good heart will be rewarded.

So, I think it is better to do good things as many as possible, everyday.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: The interns of year 2020 are on  “METI Government of JAPAN, Japan Internship Program” . They are taking internship online from the office the internship organizer of this program provides.
編集部より注釈:今年のインターンシップは「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業」への参加で行われています。インターンはこの事業が用意した各国のオフィスからオンラインでインターンシップを受けています。

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comment from the instructor

Ly-san’s creativity works through language and writing, I feel. Today, I was consulted by her changing plan what to post on Instagram. After hearing her idea, and seeing actual material, I was surprised how it could be effective! She is thinking of how to catch viewers and offer reason for them to return next day. And I never knew it could be done the way she does. It will be … well… I will not spoil the surprise.