The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

The Vietnamese word for a bottle is “bình,” which can also mean “normal.” The letter on my water bottle says “yên,” which, together with “bình,” means peaceful in English. So “bình yên” – the “bình”/water bottle names “yên,” or just peaceful. As the water reaches the “yên” level, I hope my life will flow to the “yên” as well ^^
“bình,”はベトナム語でボトルという意味以外にも「普通」という意味もあります。私のウォーター・ボトルには“yên,”と書いてあり“bình,”と合わせると「平和な」という意味になります。“bình yên”は「yên」という名のボトルか「平和」。水がyênのところに達するように、私の人生もyênへたどり着きますように。

【Editor note: translation explanation on “Throwback Thursday” in Japanese】
タイトルにあるThrowback ThursdayはSNSなどで、#TBTとも知られ、このハッシュタグを使って、人々か懐かしい思いでや過去の出来事を告白するフレーズ

These days, things go pretty smooth on my end or at least I should feel it that way… As my internship is much better than I expected, from the learning experience in terms of both my creative/visual communication knowledge and the effective working manner, to the connection within my team, together with the quite odd schedule of the internship, recently, I’m just letting go off other things that are not on too urgent. Instead, I focus on the things that brings me efficiency and health, like this internship, my sleep, my hip hop dance class…

I start writing this daily blog in a very imperfect way… just like how to manage my life these days. I do not try to squeeze everything great at once… just as raw as it is. But the moment I write the blog like this, I feel more like myself, I feel more comfortable and content.

So as the way I approach to things and tasks in my life right now. Much as I know I should be consistently working out, I should be an overachiever and nailing my other projects besides of my internship, I should be learning how to drive a motorcycle, I should be taking a drawing class, and especially, should be learning my foreign language much harder… I feel more relieved just by going with the flow and focus on my health and wellness first. Just like how I do not try to write this daily blog beautifully anymore, I’m being able to letting my thoughts out, write like I normally do for myself.

Here’s to more me being in my elements and feel comfy with all the things I do.

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comment from the instructor

Finally! Hello, you, Linh-san who I know! Her experiences she had before she started the internship make what she does possible. It is one fact. Like, she has been nailing every tasks so far with over my expectation, and she doesn’t leave any marks of struggle. But I do know from my experience that she can do it now because of piles of hard work she has done seriously in her life. Regardless of fields and profession, BEING CONFORTABLE is the key to maximize people’s latent power. (That is why our office is like a house. Hobby things and toys everywhere…lol) When I translate our interns articles, I try to match the tone of article itself and writers’ personality. Today, it came out very naturally.
Did you readers noticed, as her style of blog changed, her photo changed?! Interesting how creators mind and eyes & hands are connected, right?