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One more day till BREAKKKKKKKK 休暇まであと1日ぃぃぃいいい!

The daily blog, our interns will write. インターンが手掛けるデイリーブログ。
The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

I have always been taking photos at work for the daily blog so here is a photo of me taken in a coffee shop with my beloved tarot deck! (fyi: I love hanging out at coffee shops with friends and reading tarot cards but these days I enjoy staying home too!)

My life is going pretty well these days as I feel relaxed and happy (not necessary productive). I feel like I can control my life again in terms of scheduling and even financial management, as I do not waste money and time going out for things that I do not necessarily need. Instead, I recently enjoy being at home with my family and chill out (besides my time outside at the internship, tutoring students, and going to dance class).

Yesterday I wrote about how I’m not sure of what to do next during break and after this internship, but today I have had a clearer idea. By the end of December, I will be catching up with my foreign language class (midterm is coming, half way through my current intermediate level 1) and with my dancing class (there will be a “test” to decide whether I should be in the intermediate level class next month). And to prepare and tutor more. Well it sounds like a lot when I actually just have 10 more days till the end of this year. But this means and next year will be full of excited changes and hopefully good ones too.

Other than that, I found out that my drive to learn more is bigger than ever. So I’m really determined to take up a drawing/sketching class plus try to learn how to ride a motorbike before the Lunar New Year (fyi: in Vietnam, Lunar New Year is more important than the actually one).

(A hint: I have already voluntarily taken up a drawing/doodling exercise thanks to my lovely instructor – cannot express enough my gratitude!)

Look forward to the break, 2020, and tons of plans ahead of me~ ^^

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comment from the instructor

4th language…was it? It means 3 foreign languages… I am struggling with my 3rd language (French), right now… How does she manage that?!
Today, it was bit of strange schedule we had. I was scheduled to attend JIP (the organizer who runs this internship) follow up training, Ly-san was scheduled in afternoon. So…I see, Linh-san had a productive day. I am glad.
I had a request from Linh-san to do a bit of arty exercise to enhance her already existing inner artist and inner child. I am very honored and happy to help!


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