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The English shown here is as she wrote. We only added Japanese translation.

My route of commuting to work every day (shown by Grab application). It’s a privilege and tons of money for me to be able to commute by Grab to work but it’s also the save of energy and many for self-reflection – I have learned so many things during the “ways.”

Today, as I was riding on the back of a Grab driver (Grab is similar to Uber, but in Vietnam we usually ride motorbikes instead of cars) and telling him the way to my office, I realized how… good I am with showing people the direction. Although I cannot ride the motorbike myself (my body cannot coordinate while I’m riding and also the Vietnamese roads are scary…), I’m very good at tell people the way and where to go fastest and with less traffic – since I have been riding on others’ backs for such a long time, I have been able to observe everything on the street and able to notice the situation every time. Having a good spatial memory and being able to comfortably commute behind Grab drivers is great, but not being able to physically drive while spending tons of extra money on Grab is troublesome…

This is similar to my art direction skill. I’m kind of confident with my art ideas and style because I have been constantly observing the trends enough to know that my style and ideas will work. Yet, since my technically skills (using Adobe Creative Cloud or drawing to be exact) are very limited, I either have to pay someone to work for me as a Graphic Designer and makes my ideas happen, or my ideas won’t be used at all… Well the solution to this seems to be pretty obvious – I will just need to practice more – whether it’s motorbike-riding or designing, practice makes progress, if not perfect. However, I also think that rather than putting my time and energy learning these skills, I can use that effort to learn other things or focus on improving my already existing skills… I really hope to find the answer to this dilemma…  
それは、私のアート・ディレクション・スキルにも言えること。常に、トレンドを十分に観察しているので、自分のスタイルやアイディアが効果的だという自信がある程度あります。でも、技術面(アドビCCを使ったり、イメージを描いたりするなど)には制限があります。グラフィックデザイナーを雇って自分のアイディア通りの物をつくってもらわない限り、私のアイディアは使われないのです。この問題への解決策はとても明らかです-練習あるのみ- バイクだろうがデザインだろうが、完璧でなければ、練習すれば上手くなるわけです。一方で、そういったスキルを学ぶために時間やエネルギーを使うより、既にあるスキルを伸ばすことに集中して時間や労力を割いた方が良いのではないかとも思うのです…このジレンマの答えを見つけられることを心から望みます。

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comment from the instructor

Enhancing the existing strength or gaining new skills…that is the problem…isn’t it?!
This comes from just my life experience, so I am not sure if it is applicable to her life, but there are skills exists that you cannot to avoid to gain. A lot of skills I have now is I gained out of necessity, I had to do it everyday because of the job description, goodness sake of the business or being a mother, even. And sometimes the skill you thought nothing to do with your existing strength would enhance your strength as well. So, explore. Go with the flow. Keep pursue your interests. Just do not limit your choice, just now, not yet. The life will keep throwing the tasks which you had no intention to at you to gain the skill which comes in handy in the future. I’m turning 40 this year, but it seems like the life is still throwing so many obstacles at me in my face.