RISSHUU(立秋) is 13th season of “the 24 seasons (二十四節気)”. From this day it is Autumn according to the calendar. Climate remains hot enough for another month or two but interestingly enough tiny things start to change around this day.

Here we would like to share a few things that will change from this day from 2 points of view.
“Nature” and “Customs”


If you stayed from TAI-SHO(大暑) through RISSHUU in rural part of Japan, you will start to hear the different kind of insects start to singing. It is the only change you can notice if you stay in Japan around this time of the year.

From around this day, you will start to see different types of clouds in the sky. The temperature is still hot and the Sun is beaming at us but the sky is definitely getting ready to tell us the Summer is ending.


From SHOU-SHO(小暑) through TAI-SHO(大暑), we had greeting card called “SHOCHUU-MIMAI(暑中見舞い)” which greeting word was “暑中お見舞い申しあげます(shochuu-o-mimai-mousi-a-ge-masu)”.

From RISSHUU, it changs to “ZANSHO-MIMAI(残暑見舞い)”. The greeting word should be on there is “残暑お見舞い申しあげます(zansho-o-mimai-mousi-a-ge-masu)”. ZANSHO(残暑) basically means “remaining hotness”.

O-CHUU-GEN is the summer gift we send during the summer. But it has to be delivered before RISSHUU. After all, the gift is for the Summer and from RISSHUU it is Autumn.

If you visit Japan or any other country for the holiday, your schedule must be packed with many fun activities. But if you have a chance to visit Japan during the change of seasons, why not have a moment to stop, then look up at the sky and listen to the sound of nature. You might notice the difference between when you arrive and when you are leaving.

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