SHOU-SHO is 11th season of “The 24 seasons (二十四節気)”.  Around this time the rainy season ends and the temperature begins to get hotter towards the middle of Summer.  

2 SUMMER CUSTOMS in JAPAN: Greeting cards and Gifts. 

SHOU-SHO tells us not only the beginning of real Summer, but also the time for us to prepare the seasonal greetings and gifts. If you visit Japan around this time of the year, why not send seasonal greeting cards to your friends and family back home to just experience what locals do. 


This is a greeting postcard we send to people asking how they are doing during hot Summer. You can get postcards with stamps printed on at post offices or convenience stores. 

The greeting phrase is “暑中お見舞い申しあげます (shochu-omimai-mousi-agemasu)”. You write this first then follow by your message. It is quite common that you add illustrations of something Summerly.  

If you use the cards with stamps, you don’t need extra stamps to purchase if you are sending it within Japan. But if you are sending it abroad, buy a “10 yen stamp” per card at the nearest post office and put it on the card. “10 yen” is for sending it by Air.
*The cost of stamps by the date of July 6th, 2021. It could change in the future. 


This is a gift version of SHOCHU-MIMAI but who you send it to is different. We will introduce  details of it when we talk about “TAI-SHO(大暑)” the next season of “The 24 seasons”. 


If your travel schedule is around this time of the year, why not send “SHOCHU-MIMAI” cards  to someone or some places you’ve already met or been on your trip. If you mention your home address, you might find reply cards when you get home.

If you are curious about WHEN exactly these seasons are on…

Every year, the date slightly changes. So, if you are curious about when exactly it happens, follow our Social Media account of your choice. We post the info on the seasons ( the post is done in Japanese Time).