TAI-SHO is 12th seasons of “The 24 seasons (二十四節気)”. This is the last season in Summer according to this calendar. THE SUMMER is during this season traditionally speaking. The customs of sending gifts during TAI-SHO can be leave good impression of you or your business, if you have any Japanese Client.


=== Greeting cards and Gifts ===

We have a custom to send greeting cards and gifts during this time. We mentioned about Greeting card when we introduced “SHOU-SHO(小暑)”. This time we’ll introduce the Summer Gift. 


Although the custom slightly differs depending on the area of Japan, we send Summer Gifts to the people who we are grateful to show appreciation and we would love to continue the relationship. These were usually sent from junior position people to senior position people. So, your clients are in your senior position and your parents-in-laws are also senior. It is the gesture of showing gratitude, so consider these as one basic idea. Some send it to teachers who have taken well care of you when you were a student for decades. 

These customs are living today, especially among businesses. It is really nice to receive the gift this time of the year and huge timing to remember the sender as well. So, it leaves a huge impact for sure.

What you send is commonly something consumable, like sweets, drinks, laundry detergents… Because it is an annual thing and if we keep sending non-consumable items, they have to secure the space for it. We want to show appreciation to them, not to bother them. 

TIPS: If you have any Japanese clients or business partners

If you like the idea, why not try sending O-CHUU-GEN! Make sure the items arrive during TAI-SHO. There are a few customs for the gift to be “O-CHUU-GEN”. If you are curious about it, send us a message from the contact form below. Our curator is happy to show you what to do in a private virtual session for free!

FREE OFFER: HOW TO NAIL “O-CHUU-GEN” for your Japanese Clients!

Our curator (a Japanese) will consult and advice how to send “O-CHUU-GEN” to impress your Japanese Clients.

  • Virtual Session on Zoom or Teams
  • One-on-one private session
  • The Session is for free
  • We can have the session in YOUR TIME ZONE
  • 30 – 60 min

What you can get:

  • What is the difference between handing out free goods out to your clients and “O-CHUU-GEN”
  • What type of impact you can expect from your clients.
  • What type of business chance you will have by sending “O-CHUU-GEN”.
  • How to choose the suitable gift for your clients.

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