~ A Great Example of “The 24 Seasons” Are Used in Our Life ~

It’s Official! Winter has come! Watch out for The 1st “KOGARASHI(木枯らし)”!
Today, we will tell you about 3 THINGS about the kind of wind blows this time of the year.
Because it is one of the great examples of “the 24 seasons” are used in our life!
When the wind blows, our head curator starts to think about how to spend her New Year Holiday.

||| ABOUT “RITTOU(立冬)”: the 19th season of The 24 Seasons |||

The character 立冬 means “立: to stand” and “冬: winter”. So, officially winter has begun! The island we are in, Shikoku, is usually warmer than the East and North East of Japan. Still, the temperature gets lower and we can sniff the scent of Winter.

||| The 1st KOGARASHI (木枯らし一号) |||

It is a strong cold wind that blows 1st time in the season. 


Japanese land is long from North to South, so the agency in Tokyo does the announcement for Eastern (North) Japan, and Kinki does it for Western (South) Japan. 


Each agency has slightly different conditions of which wind to call “1st KOGARASHI” to make it more suitable for the regional climate. In the case of Shikoku, the agency in the Kinki area is the closest one.


Here are the conditions of the Kinki area:

  • WHEN: By the 24 seasons,
    (around Oct 23rd ~ Dec 22nd)
  • PRESSURE PATTERN: Winter (West = High, East = Low)
  • WIND DIRECTION: From North-SPEED: Top speed 8m/s 

*Some years, there are the years we don’t get the wind.

METEOROLOGY is a field of science.
But the Agency uses The 24 Seasons for their reference date.
We find it is one of the proof that
how accurate the old calendar, The 24 Seasons, has been.

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