OHIGAN is the 7 days period of holding memorial services for ancestors and Buddha. During this period you see 2 things all over Japan. 



Originally, OHIGAN was the period for Buddhists to pray and hold memorial services for Buddah to strive after virtue to go to heaven.

But today, for most Japanese people, it is the period for them to visit their family and ancestors’ cemeteries to pay respect to them or/and thanking them for protecting us.

So, during this time of the year, you see some cemeteries are decorated for OHIGAN. Also, a lot of people visit cemeteries. It is one of the times you get to see the relationship and attitude between Japanese people and ancestors.


Because these flowers blossoms during the Autumn OHIGAN season, we call them “The flower of OHIGAN”: /HIGAN-BANA (彼岸花). The flowers are a reminder for us to visit cemeteries for OHIGAN.

Autumn OHIGAN??? We have 2 OHIGAN in a year. One is in Autumn, the other is in Spring.

Autumn OHIGAN: “3days before Autumnal Equinox Day” + “3 days after Autumnal Equinox Day” = 7days

Spring OHIGAN: “3days before Vernal Equinox Day” + “3 days after Vernal Equinox Day” = 7 days

If you are planning to visit Japan to see “nontouristy” and “authentic local Japanese” customs and our way of living, then go to a bit of the countryside of Japan and swing by some cemeteries during OHIGAN season. That could be one idea.

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