Surprisingly, light wooden earrings made by a KUDE(KUMIKO) artisan one by one. Custom order is perfect for a special Christmas gift.

Have them the way you like!

KUDE/KUMIKO + customizable earrings

KUMIKO is one of Japanese traditional crafts. The craft is called KUDE in Kagawa, where we are.

TSUNO KIKKOU earrings are made with the skills of KUDE artisan. The skill of producing tiny wood pieces which can be fit perfectly without using nails or screws. The skill preciseness is as severe as “error allowance only within 0.1mm”.

These earrings are made with assembled multiple parts. Each parts have 2 colors: “Woody white (maple wood)” and “Blown (walnuts wood)” .

So that you can order us the color parts by parts. For 1 basic ring, there are 12 pieces for you to consider its color.

Single, Double or Triple?

the basic ring can be chained up to triple.

Not only the colors of each parts, but also, you can pick the number of basic rings you would like us to chain them.

From our experiences and knowledge, up to 3 rings would be the longest for you to wear it without the earrings being caught by your clothes or feeling wind too strong on your ear lobes.

However, if you would like to try, we are happy to follow your wish.

The “Flower”

To “one big motif” lover for your earrings.

The “Flower” is made with same technic with the basic ring.

One interesting part of KUDE craft is, you can keep expand the same pattern. The “Flower” is one example.

Yes! The color of each piece on the “Flower” can be customized. 42 pieces for you to consider.

Product detail

COLORS & Material

natural color of maple wood.

BROWN : walnut
natural color of walnut wood.

Size & Weight

Basic Ring
diameter: 23mm
thickness: 5mm
weight : 2g/pair

diameter: 45mm aprox.
thickness: 5mm
weight: 6g/pair

*size as shown on the photo. It may differ plus-minus a couple millimeter by the condition of wood and the ruler to use.
*weight with accessory parts. It will differ depending on the moisture in the wood.

Precaution to Use

The wood material used on this product is not tinted or coated. Due to this, please check following before you place the order.

It expands and shrink slightly depending on how dry or moist the air is. If you kept the product in dry condition too long, some parts might become loose. Please try keep the product in more moist condition than before for a while or if you live in very dry condition and it keeps falling apart, retouch with a tiny amount of glue for wood.

Do not soak in the liquid too long.
Do not dry the product forcefully, like using hair drier and such, it could cause the parts to bent unnaturally.
Do not use other than earring use.
Keep the product away from children’s reach.

The wood will change the color by using slightly year by year. This product is designed to enjoy wood material’s natural aging color. Including the rain or other liquid stain you accidently left on.

For further product care information, please send us message.

About this producer / Artist

Takashi Morimoto

Born to the third generation of a KUMIKO fixture company that has been in business since 1946. His childhood memories are of being engrossed in making toys with the chips of wood he would find at the factory. He was apprenticed to the first apprentice of his grandfather, and since then has been active as an artisan carrying on the traditional craft of Kagawa KUDE shoji. He is a Certified Japanese Traditional Craftsman (dentou kougei shi).

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