Producers & Artists

The artisan: Takashi Morimoto
Creating future to protect tradition

His creation is quite ambitious for a joinery. He creates items beyond fixtures or decoration for doors with his knowledge of wood, skills of KUMIKO/KUDE SHOJI and joinery. We asked him to join us because we can feel his love and passion towards wood crafts and responsibility as a successor of Japanese traditional craft skills through his work.

About the artisan

Born to the third generation of a KUMIKO fixture company that has been in business since 1946. His childhood memories are of being engrossed in making toys with the chips of wood he would find at the factory. He was apprenticed to the first apprentice of his grandfather, and since then has been active as an artisan carrying on the traditional craft of Kagawa KUDE shoji. He is a Certified Japanese Traditional Craftsman (dentou kougei shi).

Setouchi glass photo artist

He creates images using pieces of beach glass he finds at beaches of Seto inland sea (Setouchi/Setonaikai). He also provide workshop for you to create the image in Kagawa prefecture. His theme of art is ecosystem, Zen and Yin Yang.

About the producer/artist

“ippen yatten mai” is our local direct it means “why not give it a go”. That is the message from Kozy who has been in a quite journey of his own life. Kozy the self made artist himself had no idea he would be featured as an artist a decade ago. He would love to join you to his workshop and see what he felt creating these images. One of them was feeling of connection to the nature and finding peace.