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If you were a owner of this tray, what would put on the tray and where would you use it? I bet you would have more ideas than me.

Created by a Japanese Artisan.

This lacy looking wood tray is made with the technique of “KUDE-SHOUJI” the local traditional craft in Kagawa, Japan.

The most distinguish and well known technique is to assemble very thinly cut wood without using nails or screws. It is also called “KUMIKO”.
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As the all KUDE/KUMIKO works, it is the field of preciseness. For example, their mistake allowance is less than 0.1mm. So, they are one of wood craftsmen in Japan known for unerring wood craftsmen. SASHIMONO craftsmen are also wood craftsmen who are required sever preciseness.

This traditional skills of Traditional Japanese Fixture “KUDE-SHOUJI”, made possible to create such a delicate but durable wooden tray. And who created this beautiful tray is TAKASHI MORIMOTO.

Made by him, one by one, just for you… because…

One skill which a lot of people tend not to notice is “the eyes to see current status and future of the wood”. Because wood is a natural material grows in the forest, each trees, even if they are the same kind, are different like each one of us humans are different. Your tray parts might come from multiple trees grew in the different environment. Craftsmen and Artisans have to have eyes to pick the right wood for the crafts as well as to be able to see the future of the material. Artisans only use the parts of a tree that is straight now and will be straight for decades.

It will not work if you did not have trained eyes to see current quality of the material and its future, even if you were adroit enough to be able cut out the material precisely as these KUDE or KUMIKO craftsmen.

This octagonal wooden tray is order to made only. Takashi Morimoto picks the material, cut them and assemble it just for you.

Comes in 3 patterns + custom order

All 8 sides are the basic pattern called “MITSU-KUDE”.

4 sides are filled with the pattern called “ASANOHA”. The other 4 sides are “MISTU-KUDE”

All 8 sides are filled with the pattern called “ASANOHA”

You can also customize the pattern for you.

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