As a curator what we look for is not only completed perfect product but also gemstones which could be a great product. Also producers who could create suitable product for us and you. Some products can be completed if we change the packaging, a tiny design adjustment or target market.

What we do is not just finding products or producers. We suggest tiny changes on their products or even package designing. As well as the photos or videos which we think suitable for the people who truly enjoy the products.

In order for us to do so, being trusted by our partner producers is essential. We believe working closely with our partner producers are the key to provide fine items which satisfy you.

It can be said to same thing towards to our retail partners as well. For us to provide more suitable items, curator must listen and work with retail partners well.

We are looking for Retail partners

We are looking for retail partners who would display the item samples of your choice from our products at your shop. So that your customers and our customers can visit your shop and see the products physically. We have compensation offers ready for you. If you are interested in being our partner, please contact from the contact form below.