KoLe Shikoku, Japan

excellent items from Shikoku Japan to the world

Curator Note

Having Fun with Tradition! Enjoy Summer!


How the New Things were Born : one afternoon of our curator

I am a product curator of KoLe SHIKOKU Japan. When you read the sentence, what type of work did you imagine that I do? Here is one of my typical afternoons. I believe one unique thing of being KoLe Curator is the relationship with our artisans and creators. Some say it is unnecessary, but I find it is important and very efficient. Why not find out if what you imagined and what I do is the same?

The view of Shikoku on YouTube

When you travel abroad, it is hard to experience all year round view or hard to pick which season you would like to visit. Here we might have solution.

Our job is NOT just curating.

As a curator what we look for is not onl…

What has KoLe curator been up to?

As a KoLe curates and exports goods from…