If we must list one of the uniqueness about what we do has to be this.

You, as in a consumer, have a say about where our showroom should be.

“Showroom” is retail shops which will exhibit/display our products. Also Showroom will be only place customers can order our products. KoLe is the exporter, Showroom is the importer.

You would like to have our showroom near by you. And you have favorite retail shops near you where you visit often enough. How about recommending us the shop !?

1. Send us the recommendation

Please let us know about the shop. You can see the recommendation form by tapping/clicking the button below.

2. We will contact the shop

We will tell the shop that you recommended the shop to us. If the shop and we reached to the agreement, the shop will be the showroom.

3. We will let you know how it went.

We will inform you when we contacted the shop and the result. Please remember that the shop you recommended has a rights to turn down our offer. Even if they decided not to be our showroom, please do not upset.


For us and the shop you are recommending to us, it is serious business matter. Please read conditions below and if you are kindly accepting it, please send us the recommendation.

  • Depending on the country we might not be able to approach.
  • We WILL TELL YOUR NAME which you provide us when we are contacting the shop.
  • We DO NOT share your contact information such as your e-mail for the shop to reach you.
  • The offer can be turned down. It is a business, please DO NOT take the result personally.
  • DO NOT share the information that you recommended shops to us on internet unless the shop became our showroom.
  • Please tap/click the button below and see other details.

Currently, we are looking for showrooms to be in…


Paris and Strasbourg especially. But other part of France is more than welcome.


Any part of Singapore is welcome !


Possibly west coast area. The area which has direct flight from Osaka or Tokyo, we will consider. Other part of U.S.A. we will consider depending on the condition.

We really appreciate your help.

Our curators are looking for possible Showroom all the time, however, they can not be all over the world at once, or know well about the community.

Your eyes in the community to see if the shop and KoLe products matches really matters.

We truly hope we can get some help from you to have KoLe experience near you.