No Show room near you?

What would if your favorite shop near you became our showroom?

We are always open for suggestions from you!

What happens if you recommend or introduce your favorite shop to us?

We will check the information from you

To check if we can find the shop with the information you have given. If we cannot, we will contact you if you have not mistaken any information. We also check where the establishment is. If the location were in the countries where we are not set to do business, we will inform you that we cannot proceed contacting the shop for now.

We will contact the shop.

We will contact the shop to introduce our partnership to be our showroom. When we first contact, we will inform the shop that we were introduced by you.

We will inform you that we have contacted the shop.

After contacting the shop, we will inform you that we have contacted the shop via email.

If the shop likes our offer…

and the shop is ready to be announced as our showroom, we will let you know as the result of your recommendation.

If the shop could not go for it for any reason,

we will inform you that for the time being, we are not proceeding partnership to you. Business has a lot to consider, therefore we can not inform you the details but we will let you know the result.

! MUST READ ! Before sending us the information.

There are certain conditions exist for you to send us the information of the shop and you. Please note that you are agreeing all conditions and our privacy policy by sending the information.

The reason we have so much conditions

To protect yours and the establishment’s privacy, dignity and reputations.

Firstly, regardless of if you are a business or an individual, we must give deep concerns towards how to treat your personal information correctly with nothing but good will only. We must respect your privacy, dignity and reputations. In order for us to do so, we also need you to follow the conditions.

We do not want you to be in trouble

We believe you are sending us the information with your good will. Businesses have a lot to concern to make one move. Because its consequence directly hits the establishments’ and our life directly. One small action you made could lead to the result of closing the business, loosing a job for the establishments and us. It it happens, you have likely chance that to be pursued by regal action. We do not want that happen to any of you, establishments and us. In order to avoid those situation, it is very important for you to follow the conditions.

If you are sending us the information on behalf of the establishment.

1. Are you the owner, manager or staff who have the authority to consider and communicate with other establishments?

Please Tap/Click “our website for business” button.

2. Do you work for/with the establishment but not the authority as “1” ?

Please get the approval from the manager or staff who have authority to consider and communicate with other establishments to do business. Or, use this as the person who are not with or work for the establishment.

If you are sending us the information as the person who does not work with/for the establishment.

Your name will be mentioned

Please consider this is same as you are introducing someone for us to contact the person directly. We will mention who introduced the establishment for us. We believe the attitude towards someone should be the same regardless of the tool, if it is via internet or direct. Think this way, how would you feel if we contacted you saying “I was recommended you by someone who I can not tell you who”. Isn’t it a bit creepy?

But NOT your contact information.

We will mention your name as a reference and a manner. But we do not give your contact information such as your email address. If the establishment insisted to contact you, we will ask you first. Unless we get approval from you, we do not pass the information to the establishment.

Publicly open information only

You should only inform us the establishment information which is open to the public. It is your duty to check if the information you are providing is open to the public. This is for you to protect yourself from possible trouble.

Do not reveal information on any form of conversation, medium

You should not reveal any information on any medium including any type of conversation / communication, information include which you recommended/introduced us the establishment, the result of us contacting the establishment, your comments, opinions and complaints on the result. We and the establishment can take legal actions to you for the damages it caused by this condition was not followed.

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