SHO-SHO is the 14th season of “the 24 seasons (二十四節気)”. From SHO-SHO the temperature noticeably drops night and morning. Also it is the time for rice plants to start to get grains. During this season tourists need to watch out for TYPHOONs. We will go over the details when we introduce “NI-HYAKU-TOKA (二百十日)”. 


>Easier to Get Around with a Hint of Summerness. 

Because the temperature drops in the morning and at night, compared to July and earlier August, it is easier for you to get around from this day. The best part is you still get Summerness around this time of the year. You get heat during the day but it will be less humid day by day. 

>Many Kinds of Clouds in One Go.

Towards the middle of Autumn, you will see both Summer clouds and Autumn clouds together more distinguishably. You may come across the sky that looks like an oil painting. It is always fun to look upon the sky around this season. 


If typhoons hit Japan while you are here, DO NOT underestimate how much your travel could be affected by it. We will cover that on “NI-HYAKU-TOKA(二百十日)” post.

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Temperature will still be high but humidity gets lower. Typhoon after typhoon, you will notice that the season changes.