Your Life is
Already Special!
We want to find something
for You to Celebrate it

-Curator -Exporter -Publisher

We find artisans & artists who
create items & experiences
from Shikoku, Japan.
We curate items & experiences which
make your “already special life”
a little bit more special.

Finding & Curating

We always look for artisans and artists from Shikoku, Japan. The people who create something or provide experiences that are unique, beautiful or/and special.

We only work with small producers. Most of our products are usually made to order and handcrafted for you.

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No Online Shop?

We do not have an ordinary sense of Online Shop. Can you guess why?

Most of our products are handmade, made-to-order, and customizable. And our main mission is to deliver “something special” for you. Also, some products’ materials are 100% depending on nature that we cannot uniform them.

We want you to experience owning customized items made just for you or the set only exists in the world.


We export our goods to France, Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

We recommend you to place an order through our partner shops near you. The shops display our items and have any information on our products and producers. This way, you can see the actual sample in your hands and with your own eyes.

If you cannot find any of our partner shops near you or you are a retail shop owner who is interested in our partnership, you can always book a virtual meeting with our curator.

*Currently we do not have a partner shop yet, so we will take your order through the internet.
*Having a virtual meeting with our curator is strongly recommended.


We also consider ourselves “Shikoku Promotor”. The island we live in, Shikoku, has a lot to offer but it has just begun to be discovered by the world recently.

There are so many great tourism publishers out there online and offline. Yet, as local Shikoku islanders, we believe we could deliver more authentic information from the perspective of the local people who were born and live here.

We all are affected by where we live to some degree. It will show what we create as well. By knowing our nature, culture, and history, you will have a better understanding of the products or pieces.

The artisans and artists we work with have so many stories about themselves. We feel we owe to the world introducing them.

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Being Connected

We value person-to-person connection even its method is virtual.

Virtual Meeting & Events

Virtual Meeting:
We can set up virtual meetings for you to see the sample products through the web camera, discuss your custom order, or/and ask questions about the products. We can discuss products via email as well, but isn’t there something that it is difficult to tell or know by just email? Feel free to book Virtual Meeting.

  • Do not worry about time difference:
    Our curator will set up meeting suitable for your time.
  • How to book a meeting:
    Simply send us your request by our contact form.
    Please tell us “Where you are logging in the meeting”.
    Our curator will send you a few more questions to set up our meeting.

Virtual Events:
We always think about how to deliver a “Shikoku Experience” for you to have fun. Culture Virtual Salon is one of them. 1-on-1 session or small group session to ask questions to our artisans or do workshops with our artists.

The latest event will be shown on “Events & Notice”.
If you would like us to send the latest Events notice to your email, submitting our blog or simply tell us so by our contact form will do.

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Feel Free to Contact Us

Requests or Questions, anything that you would like to reach us for the first time, using the contact form below is the easiest and quickest way. From the second time, you can directly contact our curator.

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-the-artist-name- puts up a new product?”

“I am looking for a present for my mother.
She likes ===, === and ===. What do you recommend?”

“I don’t see anything on the product list but
I am looking for ====, is it possible for you to find it?”

“I am thinking about ___ as gifts to the people who
are attending my party. Can you tell me what we should do?”


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