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SHIKKI or Japanese lacquerware is one of the best-known Japanese Traditional Crafts. But do we really know about the material? SHIKKI is a product that is painted or/and worked with URUSHI. In this article, we cover the super basics of URUSHI and a great example of how URUSHI was used. Once you know these, you will know about URUSHI material more than some Japanese people!

HARIKO TORA and THE YEAR OF TIGER – the local traditional craft of Kagawa, Japan –

The year 2022 is the year of TIGER! So, we would like to introduce one local traditional craft which to do with tiger and an item that you can paint your own tiger. This is an archive of our audio content. This is 3 parts series. Each audio contents are about 3 minutes 30 second.

When is the best hour to visit Shrines & Why? Travel Tip Japan

When you travel to Japan, visiting Shrines and Temples is a great experience. You get to see buildings and cultures unique to Japan there. Many guide books and travel blogs list some shrines and temples as “must visit” places. So, it won’t be hard for you to find “WHERE” to visit. But how about “WHEN”?

In this article, we will tell you about the following:
+What is a Shrine?
+Difference between Shrines and Temples (How to spot Shrines)
+3 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Shrines
+The Best Hours to Visit Shrines and The Reasons
+The Way To Spend Time at Shrines ~Elementary~
+The Way to Spend Time at Shrines ~Intermediate~
+The Shrine must to visit in Kagawa, Shikoku, Japan

6 basic knowledge of KUDE-SHOUJI: The Traditional Crafts of Kagawa, Japan

If you have all the answers for following questions, you can skip this article.
1) What is KUDE-SHOUJI?
2) What is the difference between SHOUJI and KUDE-SHOUJI?
3) What are the functional advantages to use KUDE skill?

A Japanese Gift Custom to Enhance Your Business| Impress your client | The Biggest Gift Market in Japan

OSEIBO is the biggest annual gift custom in Japan. Not just because it is culturally important for Japanese people to have good business relationships, it could be a huge opportunity for you, so we thought this information might be useful for you. Did you know that the OSEIBO market size is bigger than the Christmas one, in Japan?

5 Ways to Expand Your Trip Experience in Japan with Traditional Crafts

Today, let’s talk about how to enjoy the world of Japanese traditional crafts! 5 ways to enhance your experience while you stay in Japan.

5 things you only need to know about Traditional Crafts in Japan!

It is one of the authentic experiences you can get in Japan; looking at, knowing, or/and getting Local Traditional Crafts in Japan. But do we all know “what exactly Traditional Crafts of Japan/the Region means”?

In this article, we will tell you 5 things you only need to know about “The Traditional Crafts” in Japan. This article will take you to the “knowing about it a bit more than average Japanese people” level.

OBON (お盆) [more than 4 seasons]

You BETTER NOT to meet up with Japanese people during “OBON”. But WHY? In this article I will walk you through the culture behind it and the reason to avoid it, as well as a trip tip to keep you safe. 

A story of the hand made needle – local vegetable dyed cotton threads.

When I entered the exhibition hall, I would have never imagined I would end up with a precious tool which was used by the artisan. This unbelievable incident gave me a chance to think about the materials and tools artisans use. This is a story of female artisans dominant traditional craft of our region, Kagawa, Shikoku, JAPAN.

2000 cherry trees planted by local interested people| Mitoyo, Kagawa, JAPAN

If you are in Japan in the right season, I assure you that you will be able to get great cherry blossoms photos all over Japan. But have you ever given thought about “why these trees are there”? Cherry trees are planted all over Japan probably way more than you think. So, I believe there are greater cherry blossoms spots out there. But I just love this spot because of its story. I would love to share the story of Japanese obsession towards cherry blossoms and it given the community a greatness.